Matt Jordan is working from Blue Lotus Tattoo studio in the north shore of Auckland New Zealand. The second one, the portrait,  is  more of an artistic piece, and the way he captured the balance of vivid red lips in contrast of the soft milky white skin shading, is so amazing!
Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. When it comes to new ground breaking, and absolute mind blowing realism and surrealism tattooing, there is probably no one better that Tofi! The reason that I chose to invite Tofi was that he is probably the only professional tattoo artist that I know of who combines 3D modeling and digital painting with tattooing.

All of you who know Tofi’s work, can tune on the same wave length when I shout: super saturaded colors!!!
Knowing that Tofi will receive one of the 10 songs to interpret in his own very original style makes me so  stoked. Pretty much everyone is doing water and few drops in their tattoo design nowadays, but most of then makes the water drops that look like small glass pearls, hovering slightly above the skin or the designed motif. Because, if there is anyone who should teach about the technique of how to make realistic color tattooing saturated…it’s Tofi! I have total faith in that he will grasp my ”spaced out” meaning and context of the song, and delivers a kick ass art work!

Secondly, the level of realism in the rose petals and the dew drops is about as good as it gets!

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