Whether you are a frame quilter or an embroiderer, 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator will help you to quilt a masterpiece.
Just for quilters who want perfect quilted blocks, this standalone Inspira Software is suitable for most embroidery machine brands and will add traditional quilting patterns such as stipple, hatch or parallel lines and more to your next quilting project.
Once a design is ready, you can set an area to be filled automatically with traditional quilting patterns such as Stipple, Cross-Hatch or Parallel lines. Use the encore button to quickly duplicate the small design into larger shapes or even to fill an area. Another section of this software is 5D QuiltDesign Vision which helps you visualize your finished quilt.

If you have created a design you find is lovely and just the way you would like, then find your embroidery machine does not have a hoop large enough. Use step by step software wizards to create quilt blocks, design elements or borders for your automated quilter or embroidery machine. Whether you are a frame quilter or an embroiderer, this new software can help you quilt that amazing masterpiece.Step by Step Software Wizards lead you through composing a block element or border for your embroidery machine to sew out into a hoop. Use one of the 75 motif patterns from the automated quilter or choose from 75 smaller motif patterns made especially for use with your embroidery machine.
Every detail can be customised even the line spacing to create different effects.And you don't need to stop with just one motif!

Use the embroidery splitter program so it can be sewn out in a hoop size you have ready to use. Create filled or outline pieced quilt blocks automatically, trace a picture, use one of over 350 designs and MiniPics; draw your design or create text.
Adjust the placement of designs until you are happy with your finished product and then print out a template!

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