If any of you are willing to let us know what these tattoos mean to YOU, feel free to let us know and we’ll add your description to our post.
It’s no secret that British supermodel Cara Delevingne has a growing list of tattoos and an even longer list of celebrity BFFs. After shooting their latest campaign for DKNY, Cara headed on over to the Bang Bang Tattoo parlour to get a matching tattoo with her supermodel bestie Jourdan Dunn.
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Obviously, their use isn’t as big nowadays as we have modern things like GPS that help us navigate through the world. Are they the latest and chicest way to do friendship bracelets or just a new take on the tramp stamp? Despite the use of compasses being at an all time low, we see the height of compass tattoos at an all time high. The name “Bitch” is usually used to degrade women, therefore the movement’s goal is to own the word instead of allowing it to just be used against us.

For some people we talk to, they mention that their compass tattoo means that they’re coming back to a place they once loved (whether they studied abroad, found love in someone they once broke up with, or more). We just know that they can look totally awesome, and we’re looking forward to showcasing 45 compelling compass tattoos with you guys.

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