Just a few years ago, it was uncommon to use tattooed people in most types of designs, however, now it is one of the trends for adding a naughty, rebellious or tribal twist.The need for covering up tattoos using Photoshop is no longer needed, now photographs are processed in Photoshop with the sole reason of carefully incorporating tattoos. In this case tattoo brush sets become very useful and help you get the job done faster.As tattoos have become more common than ever before, other design elements such as skull brushes have also caught on and are often used together as they complement each other well. If you have not tried tattoo brushes yet, you might want to ease into it by following some tattoo brush tutorials as to get the right touch.In this article, I have found some truly amazing tattoo brush sets for you.

Each of these represent different styles within tattoos as to give you the largest and most diverse collection. Please leave me a comment if you think I missed out a great resource so I can add it to the article.

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