These are some of my most popular airbrush stencils and selling for as much as $40-$50 each! There is a new art form and kulture hitting the streets - that has been around for over a century - everything old is new again!
I highly recommend getting a FREE program called Inkscape to do your digital art for making stencils and templates. This is the FREE artwork that one of my friends emailed to me from their collection to submit here and he had used it to make the jester stencil above. -- get your FREE Inkscape scalable vector graphics imaging program to make your stencils, templates and artwork.
This is some very, very inexpensive material to use for templates and stencils for airbrushing and door tattooing that cuts nicely by hand -- AND works great in vinyl cutters as well.

This is an interesting photo out of Cambodia that one of the great self-appointed gods of airbrushing turned into a stencil set with some quick cheap vector imaging work and then released as his own great work of art that he "created".
Anyway, this set is an interesting image and it offers several different skull perspectives in one photo -- yes, a photo, not an original work of art by one of the self-anointed gods of airbrushing.
ART GALLERY OF REALISTIC FLAMES AND OTHER AIRBRUSHING ART BY CHUCK BAUMAN, FRIENDS AND STUDENTS!! A firestorm of popularity was ignited with the release of the first Steampunk FX® by Craig Fraser, so a follow-up sequel of these awesome Neo Victorian high-tech creations was inevitable! Rest assured, you are getting the same professional tools I use to make BIG money in my own custom paint shop! It is high science that is realized without computer chips and plastic, but rather with wood, brass, gears, steam engines and vacuum tubes.

Besides being the Patron Saint of Steampunk, he is also a phenomenal artist, musician and politician. Never again will you find yourself at a loss for rendering robots, or decorating a birthday cake for Dr. I am happy to say that I have received the stamp of approval for these stencils directly from the Dr. You can hang them proudly above your workbench between your brass goggles and the #5 Wirly-Gox Tesla-driver!

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