Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. It is a common and idealistically beautiful notion, that all the religions of the world essentially preach the same teachings for the betterment of the world. Out of his great compassion, the Buddha would surely prefer us to benefit with appropriate though partial practice of his teachings, than to embrace none of them at all. What worth pondering about the quote above is what truly constitutes ‘blameless’, ‘when adopted and carried out, lead to welfare and happiness’. The Buddha also taught unequivocally that to become  personally spiritually liberated requires complete practice and realisation of the Noble Eightfold Path (Right understanding, thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, concentration) that he taught – ‘… in whatsoever Dhamma (teachings) and Discipline (moral guidelines) there is found the Noble Eightfold Path, there is found a true ascetic (spiritual practitioner) of the first, second, third, and fourth degrees of saintliness (levels of spiritual attainment culminating in self-liberation). The Three Universal Characteristics (Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta: impermanence of mind and matter, dissatisfaction, and non-self) are also unique teachings found complete in Buddhism alone. Another major difference of Buddhism from many other religions is that the Buddha clearly proclaimed himself to be neither a god nor godsend.
If one studies different religions on the surface level, one might be too quick to conclude that all religions simply teach us to avoid evil and to do good in totally identical manners.
Even if one might be able to happily reconcile one’s faith with Buddhism, there are still indeed irreconcilable doctrinal differences, which make Buddhism and other religions distinct from one another.
While we might think outsiders of other religions can see the overall picture better than the insiders, we should also consider becoming more of an insider to see the picture from within, through more study and practice of a religion to discover its essence. Just as those of one religion should respect and never disparage those of other religions, to forcibly insist that all religions are exactly the same is to disparage them all, as this corrupts their original teachings, which are meant to be self-contained paths to their respective spiritual goals.
Just because Tom, Dick and Harry say how we perceive reality is an illusion doesn’t mean they agree on what is the ultimate reality behind the illusion. I’m sorry, but Jesus died and was raised from the dead, and said HE was the ONLY way! And the Buddha is the only world religion teacher who is so confident in his teachings that he did not have to insist all to believe without question. To the moderator: If the person is disrespectful again, please delete his comments straightaway. Rohan, I don’t blame you for your ignorance and rude words because if you say such words, bad luck would only befall for yourself, your family and your descendants. It is not true that there is a God who will come to receive God-believers because there is no all-powerful god capable of helping all. An Easy Way To Say 'Thanks, But No Thanks'Get TDE Book 4Quickly Kill To Deliver Me, Please?Does Thinking Something Bad Create Bad Karma? Are my problems either caused or allowed by God, or am I just having problems – or am I, somehow, responsible for all the problems and pain in my life? We’ll look at a fifth possibility after we get started down the road a bit, but let’s look more closely at the four we’ve enumerated so far and ask, why it might be important to know which one is correct?
One reason it could be important to know is that if we are beginning to have a desire to overcome whatever challenges we are having in our lives, knowing the cause may open the door to the cure. Just looking at our problems from the vantage point of possible causes can often provide cures. Are you not, one, under the scenario of God causing or allowing whatever, either a victim of God’s deliberate action against you or, two, a victim due to the fact that He didn’t protect you from it? I get blown away by people who tell me that some disease or another in their lives is God’s will. If you are willing to just consider the possibility that number four on the referenced list is true, that is, you somehow brought about the challenge all by your lonesome; you may begin to see the way out or around it.
Then we further obfuscate the truth with a bunch of silly arguments over whether the Bible contains truth or myths, half-truths or stuff better left in the past to whom it was written in the first place – or that we need a metaphysical dictionary to interpret these odd English words – my apologies to anyone who insists upon this latter – in many cases, Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary is a spot-on equivalent to the literal meaning of the original text, well now, that is from my point of view. Therefore, at least and yet again, in my view, it is a long stride better as an indicator of what a particular word meant in the original language than some crazy interpretation one or another religious writer or teacher may put on some English word that doesn’t mean what that word meant when it was translated in the first place.
To all the above there is a marvelous answer …get our head out of books, no matter how “Holy” and listen to what the “SPIRIT of Truth,” the “Word of God” is saying today!
To this end, we are going to embark on a brand new series, the title of which will be somewhat misleading only because of the interpretation of what some people think I am saying with the name “Jesus” in it.

Meanwhile, referencing the Bible, again (please get out your favorite version), please go, right now, to Hebrews 13:8 …universally all translators agree that the reference, in the original language, is being made to Jesus as the fulfillment or “coming” of the long awaited promise of “The Messiah” in Jewish lore. Now hear this: I AM NEITHER CHRISTIAN NOR JEW; nor Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or an adherent to any other religion (period)! The Jesus I’m referring to is the one who is the “same yesterday today and forever” – if you need to add “The Christ” either as a title, which it is literally, or make it part of his name, that is, “Jesus Christ,” welcome aboard. Jesus is all things to me – an “Ascended Master” who lives in me and speaks to me in the same presence and power of our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT Who is willing to speak to and through anyone.
For now, we shall just leave it that this creative SPIRIT part of the “Godhead” which created the universe (and Brad Cullen sez, STILL IS) became that Jewish guy we know as Jesus. As if he didn’t know everything about this, I kept on telling him what was bothering me and the reason I was resisting. The host family and I are being led down some rather quirky paths together –  exciting paths because we have only clues, some are relatively clear, some are opaque as to what we are about to do, again, together.
These folks have been reading Brad Cullen stuff for over two years and know quite well that I refuse any religious label, but particularly “Christian.” As with all labels that one simply means too many things to too many people to communicate anything meaningful to anyone. I love this family and they love me and have officially adopted me into their family; this is not a big thing, they love EVERYBODY! I’m told that the book is necessary for what is coming next and since Jay and our SPIRIT-PARENT will be guiding each sentence, there is no reason for my resisting. One of Brad’s Favorite Resources!Dr Robert Anthony has been one of Brad's favorite go to guys for insight and wisdom.
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In fact, this is part of the spirit that makes harmonious inter-religious dialogue possible – when we choose to focus on the similarities of compassion and wisdom. Realistically, of course not – which is why there are different religions in the first place, even though there might be some common teachings in between. Free-thinkers, those of other faiths and hybrid Buddhists are thus always welcomed to learn more about Buddhism in a non-exclusivist and ‘no obligation’ way. As Buddhists, that leading towards enlightenment in one way or another, directly or indirectly, should be seen as the ultimate benchmark, with enlightenment being true ‘welfare and happiness’.
These are often described as the ‘Three Seals of the Law (of Dharma)’, used to authenticate the Buddha’s teachings, to differentiate them from non-Buddhist teachings. Having transcended limitations of all beings through spiritual perfection, he is addressed as a ‘Teacher of humans and gods’ instead. While it might be perceived that religions are different paths to the same goal, the goals of each are usually essentially different, at best vaguely similar. Of course, whether the paths work or not, and whether the goals are true or not is another issue. Personally I think inwardly (our own practice), we should be strictly not allow ourselves as a hybrid-Buddhist, because it means we still have doubt on the Teaching & do not have Right View yet. I know people that died and God gave them a second chance to tell you guys Hell is a reality!
If you believe that God either caused or allowed your specific problem, that is, numbers one or two, above, you will tend to believe that it’s up to God to fix it. It just came to me to say that Christianity is nothing more than one of the many modern forms of Judaism. If you are a Muslim or Hindu and, as many of those who belong to one of the many sects of Islam or Hinduism, who think of Jesus as a great Prophet, welcome aboard!
Jesus is a genuine Jewish personality, all his struggles and works, his bearing and feeling, his speech and silence, bear the stamp of a Jewish style, the mark of Jewish idealism, of the best that was and is in Judaism, but which then existed only in Judaism.
If you are of any label which you feel is “dumped on” by the rest of society, welcome aboard. If, for you to be comfortable, Jesus has to be referred to as a prophet …go ahead and add that, Jesus, The Prophet, because he is that to me as well. Again, he is “THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER” …and what you believe about him isn’t going to change that.

He is our (your and my) elder brother, the “First Born among many” brothers and sisters of which I AM one. In that very same chapter that our dear friend Johnny wrote, says quite clearly (again, sorry, but it has to be said), in the original language, that as many as receive this truth, again, that the SPIRIT which created everything became a man, we too have the power and authority to also claim to be joint heirs with Jesus. I have several other projects that are looming …one is extremely close to my heart and gets launched in Toronto, Ontario next month. These paths include business as well as my jumping back into the fray of meeting with people who refer to themselves as “Christians,” something I have avoided for years somewhat akin to a plague.
Jay has me on the path of being all things to everyone so that those who are ready for what I have been given to share are not put off by any label, (PERIOD).
If we are to harp endlessly on the differences instead, there would be inter-religious conflict. If we truly wish to deeply understand various religions, we need to not only look at the similarities, which many prefer to stop at, but to look at the differences too. The Kalama spirit of ‘Come and see (and ask); don’t just believe’ is also renowned in Buddhism – a probable reason why it is currently the fastest growing religion in the dogmatically saturated yet often spiritually restless West. The Buddha also did not advocate belief in an almighty good God, while he explained how this creator God concept arose. To be truly open-minded does not merely entail looking beyond differences, which is to overlook them, to assume different religions have identical ideologies, when they have concrete differences too. As religions exist to benefit all, may they coexist harmoniously with true understanding of one another! But outwardly towards other faiths which are interested in Buddhism, we should just leave it to them to decide for themselves whether to go hybrid or not, based on the fact that every being has different level of spiritual evolution, different affinity to the Dhamma, different level of understanding the Dhamma, etc. And there are many theories that Jesus went to India to learn Buddhism too, though he presented his learnings in ways in different ways, sometimes seemingly very off. Well, if God caused or allowed it for some undetermined (to you) purpose, then how on earth can you fix it or get it fixed via some expert human help? Of course, the glaring question, the BIG QUESTION: If it is “God’s will,” why on earth go to a doctor to get whatever fixed? If you are partial to one of the many religious groups which think of Jesus as an “Ascended Master” …welcome aboard! If you have to add “Ascended Master” every time you see the name Jesus – he is all that and more to me. It should not be surprising that the deeper one looks, the more obvious it will be that there are differences aplenty. Although the Buddha clearly wished to benefit everyone with his teachings, he never demanded anyone to only follow his teachings fully and do so without question. This is important as having or promoting over-simplified and thus inaccurate conjectures of various religions is both unfair to oneself spiritually, and to those of other religions.
If you take anything out of the Bible to mean something, what about one writer’s insistence that what we “struggle” with or, as another translation has it, “We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but principalities of darkness” – of course, some put an “evil” connotation on the word darkness – in the original language it is simply saying that we are in the “dark” meaning that we cannot see these “principalities” meaning “rulers” over certain arenas in this 3rd dimension we call the physical plane. If you are of one of those whose beliefs make it necessary for you to refer to Jesus as Y’shua, then welcome aboard. If you think of him as some poor Mexican kid whose parents put the label, “Jesus,” on him – you know, they pronounce it “hay-soose” …he’s that too! Many Buddhists too once speculated on the sameness of all religions, until they studied more about Buddhism, realising it even explains how various stems of religious thought evolved.
However, some might not understand what is truly sensible without further study and practice.

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