It was our dream to open a studio in a clean, relaxed and homely environment – to produce beautiful, high-quality tattoos and to build a loyal client base of like-minded people. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions. So whether you are a nervous first timer or a serious tattoo collector, we’re here for all your tattooing needs! We enjoy creating beautiful tattoos, from the smallest designs and portraits to full sleeves and back pieces. Our studio is super relaxed, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so that you can really enjoy the experience. Tattoo conventions, shows and expos happen almost every weekend in America due to the growing popularity of the body art industry. As we moved around the convention it was like a small family reunion seeing old friends and artists that we have interviewed from FL up to NY. Frank La Natra from Into the Woods Gallery (Dania Beach, FL) was on hand working on a new piece which took 15 hours to complete, which was broken down to 2 sessions. Close up of John Slater’s Star Wars sleeve in progress on one of his clients that came to the convention to get some work done.
The 2010 Cape Town Military Tattoo will be held at the Castle of Good Hope tonight, as well as on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. South African National Defence Force regulars and reserves will be joined by visiting military bands, as well as musicians and performers, in strutting their stuff from 20h00 each night. Several hundred people attended the dress rehearsal last night and were entertained by historical re-enactments, canons, muskets, marching bands, drummers, bagpipers, mounted policemen, drum majorettes and more. Tickets, available from Computicket, cost R80 to R100 for adults and R40 for children, while those younger than five get in for free, provided they sit on the lap of an accompanying adult. Tags: Alfred Hitchcock, Bernard Hermann, Cape Fear, Charles Laughton, Elmer Berstein, Gregory Peck, Illeana Douglas, J. With Halloween just around the corner, my wife and I are starting our annual horror festival, where we watch a bunch of scary movies to usher in October 31st (we tend to do this for a lot of the holidays, which can be a boat-load of fun!). But this got me thinking- there are a ton, and I mean a TON of crappy (for use of a better word) remakes out there of some really great movies. With that said, there’s a handful of really great remakes that are classics in their own right, and translate the themes and motifs of the original films, and update them for a modern audience. So I figured I’d start a series of posts highlighting film remakes, which in my humble opinion stand up to their original counterparts, and in some cases continue to explore great ideas that their predecessor may have only touched on.
The first one I’d like to bring up is a classic in the thriller genre, something that was quite ballsy for the director to helm at the time, because it was a tad out of his usual genre he was comfortable in. Now loads of material has been written on this film and the 1962 original, so I can only do my best to add my two cents.
The basic story followed ex-convict Max Cady’s (Mitchum), release from prison after spending a number of years incarcerated.

Overall, the 1962 film presents the Bowden family as a very wholesome, middle American family, which are brutalized by this insane and brilliant maniac who is completely bent on revenge for the years in prison and the life he lost.
Now Scorsese’s 1991 version updated the story and concept behind the film, while still staying extremely faithful to the 1962 original. The new cast consisted of Robert DeNiro as Max Cady, Nick Nolte as Sam Bowden, Jessica Lange as his wife Leigh, Juliette Lewis as their daughter Danielle, Joe Don Baker as the Private Detective and Fred Thompson as the head of the firm Bowden works for. The new Bowden family were made more realistic, so not to be too picture perfect, as the original family seemed to be. First DeNiro started a workout regime so that he could look the most toned he had looked in over a decade (supposedly taking his body fat down to only 3%!), and listened to prison recordings of convicts to find the right dialect to be able to master for the uneducated southern-draw of Cady.
Which leads to one of the most startling changes Scorsese made to story, which adds an entire new level that was absent from the 1962 film. This brings us to a major theme in the film which Scorsese levels on the audience: the issue of class. So along with an action-packed climax, Scorsese really directed a masterpiece which ended up being a hit in the box office. South Africa’s oldest building provides the perfect setting for this event, which is a must for those who enjoy military music and marching.
From classic brass band tunes to modern dance medleys for the drum majorettes display, there was a constant beat to keep heads bopping. Even the cleaning up of the horse manure after the mounted police display was executed with military precision! I don’t necessarily think it would be my place to say if a certain remake is better than the original because that is for you and you to decide.
Lee Thompson, who had oversaw such classics as The Guns of Navarone, Mackenna’s Gold, Conquest and Battle for the Planet of the Apes, and a slew of Charles Bronson vehicles.
He immediately goes back and re-enters the life of his ex-public defender, attorney Sam Bowden (Peck), a small time lawyer who Cady blames for his lengthy prison sentence. Max begins a vicious and sadistic campaign of stalking and harassment of the Bowden family, slowly upping the ante, getting more brazen with each encounter, culminating in a fiery climax on Cape Fear, in North Carolina, a place where the family flees to escape his wrath. The only really thing that Sam Bowden eventually does that is questionable, is out of desperation, he hires some thugs through P.
It was a bold step for the legendary director at the time, coming off the heels of his massive hit and genre-instilling film, Goodfellas, and a very bold decision frankly, which could have easily backfired on him. He saw this almost as an Alfred Hitchcock movie in pacing and suspense, and basically modeled his version as one.
Mitchum, Peck and Balsam were all brought back for cameos, which was a marvelous choice and nod to the original film. Not only taking elements from the original film, Scorsese also seems to take some inspiration from one of the greatest thrillers of all time The Night of the Hunter, which also starred Mitchum and was the only picture that was directed by the great Charles Laughton, regarding shot composition, use of vivid colors, and bookending the film as almost a dark bedtime story.
He decided that his character would be completely inked with jailhouse tatts, like someone who had spent 14 years in prison would have. Consequently, he then had his body tattooed with vegetable dye, which would last for 6 months, so the body art would not have to be reapplied everyday before shooting.

He went into prison practically uneducated and illiterate, and came out as his own public defender and extremely well read, and with a plan to seek revenge on Bowden and his family. Unlike the original, Nolte’s Bowden actively suppressed a report that would have cleared Cady and saved him a 14 year bid, all those years before, believing Cady was in fact guilty of the crime (rape) and should be punished for it. It is inherit in the film that Bowden’s character 14 years prior and once Cady is released from prison always felt that he was above or more plainly, not on the same level as Cady in terms of social class. Scorsese shot and paced it like a Hitchcock film and even used the original Hermann score, which once you hear, you will never forget or unmarry the two. It just goes to show you, even though one might be pigeon-holed in a field or genre, that does not mean they still can’t branch out and be brilliant in another. Like any other industry there are good conventions and there are disappointing conventions. Up until that point, Scorsese had mostly been known for mobster related films, occasionally venturing out on some brilliant directions like the very dark comedy King of Comedy, the brilliant documentary The Last Waltz, or the very controversiall take of the last days of Jesus, in The Last Temptation of Christ. He grew his hair out to his shoulders, and lastly, but maybe most extreme (and costly!), he paid a dentist $5000 to yellow, add caps and do other things to make his teeth look dirty and crooked (He later had to pay 20K to have them then fixed!).
So this action in itself, almost justifies Cady’s savage attack that he lays on the Bowden family. This is a point that is danced around in almost every conversation Sam and Max have, from their first encounter, to the film’s climax on the banks of a river during a hurricane. Elmer Bernstein, who adapted the original Hermann score for the 1991 hit, encountered a huge problem in the process. Almost every artist and collector has their favorite show or shows they attend every year and this past weekend was one of mine. MacDonald, and starred the greats: Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Martin Balsam, and Telly Savalas, and scored by the legendary Bernard Hermann. He actually ran out of source music for the new film, having used all the music cues already from the original score, still had key scenes needing music.
I am talking about the 4th Annual Cape Fear Tattoo & Art Expo held in Wilmington, NC at the convention center. So in fact, DeNiro’s character does succeed in getting what he wants, and essentially wins, and in the denouncement, Max being satisfied is completely neutral about his eventual death. So in a stroke of brilliance, Bernstein went back through the Hermann catalog, and actually found unused tracks Hermann had penned for Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain, using them to fill in the holes seamlessly.

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