I find some guys have no idea for choosing tattoo what for themselves, more just tattoo what others tattoo, this is not wrong but not good, I hope you can get more ideas from these top amazing tattoo ideas. Every tattoo has it’s own meaning, and this is the reason why we choose to tattoo on our body. Putting images of things you like on your skin is not a new thing; people get tattoos of all manner of insignia they adore, be they movie, TV, music, sports, or whatever, all the time. Jean-Pierre Saint-Tran from Grand Blanc, Michigan, wins our Super Fan Award (which is not a real award) for having a sleeve of art from the films of Studio Ghibli co-founder and master animator Hayao Miyazaki carefully and meticulously tattooed on his arm.

It was then 32 hours in the chair actually doing the tattooing over a year and a half and cost an estimated $2,500, not including tips. They provide thousands of designs to chose from, and can also customize the design according to your need.
Cool tattoo with cool man are good match, and chest is one of best welcome tattoo placement for men, enjoying now!
It evidently took four months to find the right artist, eventually leading Saint-Tran to choose Andy Kurth, and the pair of them worked on the design for a further two months before the final one was chosen.

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