As you can see from the above pictures, lots of people don’t just stop with one tattoo on their hand. She used fun font lettering and a lightning bolts to create the shock and wow factor that goes along with her overall aesthetic. This gorgeous design of a blooming flower has the unique fading the background that creates a mysterious overall sense.
Dinosaurs on hands may not work for everyone but this artist did a great job conveying fierce and fun colors to make it dramatic and engaging. Another popular option in hand tattoos are those that are on the skin and actually depict a word or phrase.
For that reason, consider utilizing a hand tattoo with words if you want to create a dialogue or statement that will be read by those who see it.
Black and white with hints of gray undertones set off the details that this rose represents.
The the beauty of the art world, including body art, is that it can transcend socioeconomic barriers and gender lines. It is important, however, for you to consider any restrictions that your tattoos may unnecessarily or unwarrantedly place on you if in a visible location.
Don’t forget that with hand tattoos, they often fade faster because you use your hands a lot. Overall, hand tattoos are a fun and unique expression that conveys something you want to say through art. You may wish to opt for a place that makes the tattoo stand out or is more likely to be seen. Hand placement is becoming more popular as tattoos and body art become more accepted in the public and in work circles. It appears that there is a forearm tattoo as well as some variations of imagery on the fingers. This is representative of the Russian Matryoshka, the doll that gets smaller and smaller as you open each lid. One of the most popular types of hand tattoos is not about depicting any particular thought or image. The use of these skeletons could evoke a morbid curiosity but because they are so cartoon like in nature, it adds a fun appeal. Even though this person has several different tattoos, he did a great job thematically with all the colors correlating. A lot of times, people will go through a life event or season in life that impacts them significantly and as a means to encompass what it meant to them, they ink a word or phrase onto their hand or other body part as a remembrance. Kids will love seeing your fingers in this position and they’ll think it’s the coolest thing ever! Unique placement on the pinky could signify the fragility of life or is in honor of someone who has passed on.
The different colors really ties the entire piece together and the rope heart tells a story of deeper meaning.
For all the barriers that have been passed, there are still certain trends in tattooing that need to be addressed.

Hand tattoos are noticeable and are going to be seen unless you wear gloves or plan on covering them with makeup to hide them.
Whether you’re washing them with soap and water, driving and their exposed to direct sunlight, shaking hands or just using them in everyday life, there is a lot of wear and tear that occurs on the hands. Others, however, want to hide their pieces in a more intimate location where it is not as readily visible to the naked eye or to the public. None the less, there are some benefits to these designs as well as other things to consider.
The forearm tattoo and the art on the fingers gives it a look that isn’t completely cohesive. The overall look of this tattoo kind of reminds us of a gloved hand where the fingers are exposed. It is the tribal meets intricate design that is depicted along the back of the wrist or even across the hand between the finger and the thumb.
While simpler designs tend to stick to the black and white palette, these floral options are bright and bold. They can highlight an important quote or thought and can create a depth of information that is both beautiful and grand at the same time. It isn’t necessarily a bad time or a good time, just a time in their life that they want to acknowledge. If you have kids and you want kid age tattoos that they will love seeing, then something like this is so perfect. It’s a very delicate look and the white undertone also gives off a vibe of purity and elegance. For instance, flowers and the more delicate tattoos tend to be on females while aggressive tattoos tend to be chosen by males.
That is why you want to make sure that your job or place of employment allows these types of tattoos.
You can try to protect them from the elements by wearing gloves or sunblock but ultimately, you may have to get the coloring touched up down the road if it happens to start fading.
Throughout the decades, tattoos have waned in popularity but in recent years, they have roared back by popular demand and are gaining ground in cultural norms on a near daily basis. His art speaks for itself and he is known to keep the thought process behind the tattoo private. Depending on the location, the beauty and the intricacy of the tattoo can be one that is a focal point of conversation.
Deciding if you want all of your work to follow a specific theme is something to consider as you add more body work over time.
The happy sky and sun emerging from the outer part of the hand embodies a cheery scene rather than an ominous ocean design. There is so much beautiful detail that we bet this person sat under the artist’s gun for quite a few hours!
These are popular options because they create a visual context and beauty without words being needed.
They are quite noticeable and are beautiful for those who want to make a distinct choice in hand tattoos.

Think through whether you’d want it in calligraphy writing, block lettering, free hand etc.
You may want to take the added precautionary measures to ensure it’s acceptable before you make the commitment to get inked. Maintenance is sometimes just part of the process when wearing art on your body as a form of expression. As far as his charges for tattooing go, Malloy claims to charge his celebrity clients the same fees as he does to others. Start dreaming, begin doodling, look up different ideas and decide what type of design you would like. Sometimes, you may choose for it to be something hidden for that special someone or those with whom you share the artwork with. The line work here is pretty great too and really encompasses these characters the way they look on TV! The attention to every detail is quite impressive and took a lot of skill and overall focus.
Something to consider when choosing font is this- pick something that you really like because fonts come in and out of style.
Hand art, just like body art in general is definitely growing in cultural norms and overall acceptance but it’s definitely worth checking into all the ramifications that getting a tattoo could potentially have on your life or at least your job setting.
Choosing to get inked on your hand is a great idea and as you scroll through, you’ll see a compilation of a variety of stellar designs. The artist really took time and paid quite a bit attention to detail to ensure the quality of this piece was fantastic.
It’s typically quite feminine although plenty of males get this type of tattoo as well.
Choosing something that is in style can be risky because it will fall out of style just as quickly. Once you’ve considered all of this, take time in discovering what art is best for you.
Again, because it is growing in social acceptance, tattoos on the hand tend to be worn with a pride and disregard for any potential cultural norms or rules that may say otherwise.
When picking the color palette, be sure and select colors that you love and wouldn’t mind seeing for a long time! It is both a bold statement and a feminine one, hence the appeal to women more so than men.
Till now his tattoos are mostly black and white and this makes it easier for things to meld well.

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