I know it’s nothing compared to the amazing pieces in this sub but its my first tattoo, I love it, and wanted to share!
The birds are blue wrens (aka superb fairywren‘s, which is the coolest bird name ever) which are one of my favourite of all the birds (and I freaking love birds). I can’t wait to get it coloured, though that may be a while off yet, but for now I am just super excited to have the tattoo I’ve been wanting for ages! I am going to write up a bunch of blogs about my trip, which will probably focus on each place we went to as well as a post or two about some of my America-wide experiences. Getting a Halloween tattoo in LA (even if it caused me much duress for most of the trip because of the placement). Going to see Elijah Wood’s new film in LA and standing beside him in the line at the candy bar where he struck up a conversation with me! Going to Las Vegas as an adult, walking down the street drinking booze and discovering the majesty of Downtown Vegas.
OK that’s all I can think of without going totally berserk and just listening ever single thing we did.
Today I read your article on The Guardian about how upset you were over your son getting a tattoo. I have since been tattooed at least a dozen more times and have them in far more prominent places on my body such as my arms and feet. When people, such as her friends, ask her what she thinks of my tattoos, she tells them that they are just tattoos, and looks are only skin deep. I recently read an amazing blog from a heavily tattooed girl explaining how getting tattooed may change your life.
It was an especially interesting read for me, because I was made redundant recently and am in the process of applying for jobs. Yeah, you can already picture the sorts of comments these white, middle-class idiots who have this over inflated sense of self importance and like to tell anyone who’ll listen why everything sucks make. So apparently we’re now conformist whores (I’m not kidding, someone actually wrote that) and immature idiots who all get kanji and swirly butterfly, tribal tramp stamps who will undoubtedly want to have them all removed once we’re 35 because we changed our minds and don’t like them anymore.
So I am going to clear some of this up for any of those who still consider tattoos the mark of lazy, unreliable, crime-prone, conformist whores! Most people do not get stuff tattooed on themselves that they will get bored of or stop liking in a couple of years. Most people understand perfectly well that tattoos are forever and most people do not get theirs removed, no matter how much they’ve changed over the years. Every person is different, so naturally we all want very different things when we get tattooed.
Think about what you want and why and whether or not it’s something that will keep its appeal in a few years time. About RubyMy name is Cara and I like the colour pink, cartoons, movies, fist shaking, Harry Potter, feminism and 90s RnB.
Despite having a fair few tattoos, I don’t get them that regularly these days (the boring side of growing up means money is usually better invested in essential items than frivolous fun like tattoos) but Ben got me a voucher for my birthday and I finally got around to booking in a session with Ash. It may seem a bit odd but I really feel a lot better seeing that spot full, almost like it completes me a bit. I have such find memories of watching them as a kid as well as now when they flit around my mum’s backyard, feeding their little babies or teaching them how to bathe in the bird bath. This is mostly for my own benefit so that I have an everlasting memory of my trip but I also hope it will give people some helpful tips before they embark on a trip to the crazy ol’ US of A. I was in a rush (see next point) so I could have gone REALLY crazy if I’d had more time. The above photos were taken immediately after it was done so I’m very red, swollen and still a bit bleedy but you get the idea of it. So far I like the name Xaveria which I got from this totally awesome website (wooo floating unicorns!) but I welcome any suggestions of whimsical, pretty names that you might have! How you refused to even look at it, refused to talk to him for three days while you sulked and threw tantrums about it to everyone you knew.
I always wanted a unicorn tattoo though I could never work out what I wanted it to look like so I shelved the idea for a while. I am hoping I will one day find the perfect job where my pink hair, colourful tattoos and awesome personality are not only accepted but encouraged! As a matter of fact, some of these comments even shocked me, and I’ve read some pretty dreadful comments on that website. Most of us put a lot of thought into tattoos, get them designed and spend a lot of time deciding what we want permanently inked to our bodies. Some are poorly executed or involve cliched and “trendy” designs that will date pretty quickly.
I wonder how fickle these people are who ask “what if you don’t like that in two years?”, do they go through their lives only half-heartedly liking things and then get sick of them and hate them for the rest of their lives?
The kinds of people who get tattoos removed are the kinds of idiots who get some shitty piece of flash from the wall of their dodgy neighborhood tattooist for their 18th birthday or while completely smashed, and usually on a dumb-arse spot like their upper arm, shoulder or chest.
We of Gen Y have leaned from the mistakes of previous generations and don’t go about getting tacky little things done for the thrill of it.

I never got that, I was of the opinion that tattoos made a girl look amazing, colourful and very individual. I’m one of those people who gets tattoos with things that make me happy in bright colours I love to flaunt, which to some people is superficial and the wrong sort of thing to get tattooed. Make sure it’s something you really want, not something picked off the wall because you randomly decided to get a tattoo one day.
My mum always tried to convince me girls couldn’t get tattoos, that it made them look rough and unattractive.
I live in Brisbane and occupy my time by fancying up nails and making kawaii stuff for your hair!
One of my fondest memories as a kid was the time a male blue wren flew into the window of our house and nearly knocked himself out so my parents put him in an old bird cage to recuperate and I was absolutely fascinated for the hour or so we had him. Let me just start off by saying it was AMAZING and I’m a tiny bit bummed to be back in Brisbane. There are more than a few tips I know I wish someone had told me about before we went, so I’d love to help other people have the best trip ever by giving them plenty of heads up about what to expect. Then when you did finally sit down to talk to him about it, you could do no better than to express how disappointed and hurt you are at him for daring to get a tattoo.
I know people who don’t care for them and I have even been told by people that they hate them. It’s a tattoo, not an illegitimate child, not a heroine addiction and definitely not a murder charge. This has been in the works for a couple of months after seeing a picture on Instagram by Amie-Lee at Sacred Rose Tattoo.
Then I was in a relationship where my partner didn’t want me getting any more tattoos so I completely stopped getting them altogether which is very sad. I admit the article was a bit lame (shock horror) and did make it seem like the types of Gen Y’s (fuck I hate this who Gen Y vs the world thing that’s happening at the moment) to get tattoos are all a bit daft and think they’re getting tattoos to express individuality when they’re really just following a trend.
Anyone who goes and gets a bit of tribal or a cherry blossom are usually the kinds of people who don’t know anything about tattoos and probably will regret it later. People always ask me this when they see I have Harry Potter tattoos for example, as though I could ever stop loving those books. You might not hate it and want it removed, but it’s definitely your least favourite and one you tend not to show to people when they ask to see your tattoos. These are the kids of people who never really wanted a tattoo but got one anyone, whether they were drunk or dared to, it doesn’t matter.
Most of us think long and hard about what we want and don’t all rush out and get one on our 18 birthdays or make stupid, life-altering decisions involving too much liquor and a mate who has a tattoo gun.
It’s taken until quite recently for me to work out what she meant and how true it was. Does it really have to have a meaning so amazing and overwhelming that will bring people to their knees when you tell him? I guess I always had an interest in tattoos because she told me this from a fairly young age, and it almost worked. Some are made for the love to tattoos but some are also made because of scars after surgey. I’ve always felt bad that the females are such a boring brown so I asked Ash to make my girl one extra pretty with little eyelashes for my tattoo, and she did an awesome job.
I mean, being able to rest, hug my pup and walk around the house in my underwear has definitely been wonderful but I really do love travelling and the USA was incredible. I fell in love with the design and asked her to design me something similar to get done once my tax return landed. Then there’s the fact I have a lot of dark, not-so-girly tattoos which is weird since I am so girly and love super cute stuff, so I think this remedies that problem perfectly.
There never seems to be any middle ground, explaining the pro’s and cons, so it was lovely to see someone explain it the good (and bad) ways it will change your life. Tattoos do not define me, but to the uninformed stranger that’s all they see and so, in a sense, they do define me. And the sad reality is, you will probably have to cover them up for a lot of jobs which is a massive pain in the butt (especially if you live somewhere like Brisbane where you sweat half to death by just being outside for five minutes in the height of summer). I get that and have always been annoyed at the idiots who get tattooed to be trendy, as they’re the ones who make those, like me, who really love tattoos look like idiots. If they don’t, then they’ll probably move on to well-thought out and meaningful tattoos once they’ve gotten over the thrill of getting their first tatt.
While that Ned Kelly sleeve I saw the other day made me cringe, that guy who had it probably loves it and has attributed a lot of meaning to it so you just can’t assume it was done on a whim or they’ll regret it when they’re older, because they probably won’t. Look, if in 10 years time I decided I don’t like Harry Potter any more, I will still love my tattoos because they represent a time in my life when Harry Potter was a huge deal to me and will always remind me of those times. The people who left those nasty comments about how people with tattoos are rotten people need to wake up and get a dose of reality. I’m yet to meet anyone who can justify their love of stars enough to get them tattooed all over their body. Of course all tattoos have some sort of meaning, intended or not, but there’s no need to attach sentiment to a design that you picked because it looks nice.

The result are two very different tattoos, but both with lots of meaning to each of us, bringing us the same amount of pleasure, just in different ways.
Getting it on your arm could mean you have to deal with it being highly visible, a permanent reminder of how you never think too far ahead. When I was 18 I considered getting a tattoo, but it had to be somewhere easily hidden, something pretty and I had to get the courage to ask my mum first.
We chat the entire time so I barely even noticed if it hurt at all over the three hours it took. I can only assume this is your last, loud protest at the fact your son has grown up and has started making his own, independent decisions for himself without needing to ask for mum’s advice. I have turned so many people around on their negative stance on tattoos by being a lovely person and not being the stereotypical deadshit covered in badly-done tattoos.
Tattoos don’t turn you into a bad person, but judging people harshly for having tattoos makes you a bad person. Not because she has a tattoo at all, but because she chose some irrelevant design off the wall and got it without much thought about how it really does ruin the rest of her tattoo-free body.
Why can’t you get a picture of something you like, maybe a favourite animal or an interesting symbol and leave it at that?
And if you end up getting more tattoos down the track, that one little one you got as a taster could end up ruining your future sleeve! I eyed off a sleeping dragon that I wanted on my lower back for ages, but I put it off so long I lost the piece of flash, and eventually chickened out of it entirely, thankfully.
I’m also careful about getting tattooed for the pure sake of it, which is a trap I know is easy to fall into. I can’t imagine how it must feel to watch your children grow up and not need you any more, but I am damn sure I would be a lot more mature about it. But I have to work hard on some people, show them they’re just a small part of me that makes me a bit more colourful than the average person. I mean, I’m not stupid, I know a lot of people still consider tattoos “rough” and employers consider them some sort of badge of unreliability so that you can’t get hired outside of JB HiFi if you dare show them off. I wouldn’t even get it covered up either, because it now has a story behind it and I kind of love it in more of a sentimental sense than an aesthetic sense. Have you even gotten confirmation that is correct and not really the Chinese word for “slapper”? The name of a partner should never ever cross your mind as a potential tattoo – you are jinxing your relationship, that’s all there is to it!
I have a sleeve and some matching tattoos that could be counted as either one single or one double tattoo. When I was 20 the thought of getting a tattoo was the strongest it’d ever been and became a bit of an obsession, so shortly after turning 21 I got the logo of my favourite band (Die Arzte) tattooed on my back. She respects my choices as an adult an will always provide input before I make a big decision, but never tries to interfere or guilt-trip me about it. I hope the backlash against your article made you realise how ridiculous you were being and apologise to your son for acting the way you did and realise there are far worse things for a son to do to his body that a get a tattoo! But still, I thought that since its 2010 now, people might have stopped thinking like it’s 1985 and accepted the fact tattoos aren’t all that bad after all.
This applies to tattoos of words in any language too – unless that word holds a special significance I suggest rethinking getting it permanently applied to your skin.
If you really want to get a tattoo to commemorate a loved one, be it your child, a sibling, a parent or even your partner, why not get something a bit different. Do you really want something like that tattooed to you, a constant reminder that instead of getting something original you went or the most over-done tattoo design of the 90s?
But roughly speaking I currently have 14 tattoos from the back of my neck down to the tops of my feet. The same woman who told me constantly as I grew up how ugly tattoos looked on females, how it’d ruin the wedding photos if I ever got one, re-evaluated her opinion and has now accepted me and my love of tattoos. Tribute tattoos, containing things that represent that person, are both interesting, personal and most importantly, original.
The next day I showed her it, she complained it was a lot bigger than she thought it would be and then that was it.
She even helped put Bepanthen cream on it a couple of times since it was in a hard-to-reach spot on my back.
If your star sign means so much to you, don’t go and pick its symbol and leave it at thatr.
And that was that, my first tattoo over and done with with many more follow over the next five years. Make it personal, make it scream YOU, instead of getting the same tattoo as every other Gemini out there.

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