Ambigram tattoos are usually in the form of calligraphic writing that artists manage to squeeze in two different readings into the selfsame set of curves. Other ambigram figures may show supernatural beings and gothic images that spice up the ambigram tattoos illusion.
But whatever the design ambigrams may be expressed, it requires a unique symmetry and imagination in creating a perfect illusion.  It becomes a true challenge for tattoo designers and artists to intrigue their followers of these one of a ambigram tattoos. The ambigram tattoos featured in this site look good on both men and women and can also be sported on a variety of colors. The illusion that ambigram tattoos generates a massive appeal to many tattoo enthusiasts and artists anywhere in the world.
There is a variety of scripts and fonts to choose from, all expressing a different kind of elegance and stylishness. Angels and devils are just some of the most common ambigram effects that are very popular among the youth. Rotational ambigrams are ambigram tattoos that present several words when placed in a fixed angle.  Mirror – image are designs that are read when reflected in a mirror.
Men and women are continuously sporting for ambigram tattoos and still become fascinated with the illusion and message it conveys to everyone.

An ambigram is a typographical design or figure that are be inverted, flipped or mirrored without changing its script or form in any orientation. Ambigram tattoos may come in a single word to an entire phase depending on the bearer’s preference. Its conflicting representation makes it very an intriguing and at the same time interesting concept. It is also known as glass door ambigrams because it can be printed on glass doors in order to be read differently. It creates an optical illusion that intrigues many tattoo design seekers because of its unique and imaginative form. Many people are amused when seeing ambigrams and enjoy reading the script over and over again.
Sometimes a particular word can appear as a new word with a different meaning when seen from the opposite direction.
It keeps us in constant awe of how ambigramists create such an illusion of artistry and imagination. It is created with a word possesses one or more symmetries when written in its natural state.  Figure – ground designs are ambigrams in which the spaces between the letters of a word form another word.

Ambigram tattoos can be of various types, such as reflective ambigrams, rotational ambigrams and 3-dimensional ambigrams. However, the flipscript or the rotational ambigram tattoos are the most popular ones where a word or a phrase can be flipped in vertical or horizontal ways.
Ambigrams have also been featured in Angels and Demons, the bestselling novel written by Dan Brown. Similar to this is the space-filling although this is designed to fill in a 2-dimensional plane. For your ambigram tattoo, you can choose words that are personally meaningful to you, or some of the generally popular ones.
Spinonym, Fractal, 3D, perceptual shift, symbiotogram and multi- lingual are also some of the categories that may be created for an ambigram tattoos.

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