Ah les hopitaux et les series, c’est une histoire qui roule depuis deja bien longtemps.
Et il y a interet puisque la 10eme avait laisse le spectateur en emoi avec l’annonce du mariage longue distance entre Meredith et Derek. Depuis la mort tres controversee de Lexa dans The 100, la question de la representation des lesbiennes dans les series revient sur le devant de la scene.
A la veille du retour de La Fete a la Maison sur Netflix, voici de quoi vous rafraichir la memoire sur la sitcom qui aura marque son temps. A l’occasion de la diffusion du premier episode de X-Files saison 10 : le Cerveau vous propose le guide de survie du spectateur pour tout comprendre de la mythologie de cette serie culte !
Decouvrez toutes les dates de retour de vos series preferees et de l’arrivee des nouveautes. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des contenus et services adaptes. The event depicted can be dated to 16 January 1632 or one of the following days: the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons, of which Tulp was official City Anatomist, were permitted only one public dissection a year, and the body would have to be that of an executed criminal.

Such anatomy lectures would usually only be carried out in winter time when temperatures were lower as there was no electricity in those days to refrigerate corpses and sometimes this experimentation and these talks would go on for several days. Anatomy lessons were a social event in the 17th century, taking place in what were actual theatres, with students, colleagues and the general public being permitted to attend on payment of an entrance fee. It has been pointet out several times that this painting - like many of the other Amsterdam anatomy lessons - does not depict the actual dissection taking place. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding usage of my work or if you are interested in an original drawing. Que ca soit depuis Urgences ou bien avant, medecins et patients font desormais parti du decors et cela semble etre encore le cas pour un bon bout de temps. Nicolaes Tulp is painted in the tradition of the famous group portraits which flourished in 17th-century Holland, a predominantly urban, middle-class society where the main patrons of the arts were the leading citizens of the various towns. Tulp demonstrating the flexors of the forearm to an audience of seven surgeons from the guild (we still know the names of all of them). The corpse in 1632 was that of the criminal Aris Kindt (alias of Adriaan Adriaanszoon), who was convicted for armed robbery and sentenced to death by hanging.

Between 1619 and 1639 the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons used the Weigh-House (De Waag or St Anthonius Poorthuis) for the dissections. Nicolaes Tulp is not to give an authentic picture of an anatomical dissection, but to portrait the important members (and citizens) of the Guild of Surgeons.
Moreover, it is one of nine paintings made between 1603 and 1925 for the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons showing anatomy lessons and still to be found in Dutch museums (Mauritshuis and Amsterdam Historical Museum). In the bottom right corner is a large open book normally identified as a copy of Andreas Vesalius’ De humani corporis fabrica from 1543.
This was a small anatomy theatre, also used as guild room, with furniture, art and medical instruments. In all of the Amsterdam anatomy lessons there is an unrealistic absence of dissecting instruments, and on the Tulp painting we also notice the absence of the Preparator who was the person whose task was to prepare the body for the lesson.

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