Christians generally agree that a person’s body belongs to God and therefore it would be sacrilegious to mar or alter his or her body in any way.
People who argue that tattooing of any sort is against the Bible and God primarily use the Book of Leviticus to bolster their claim.
The Bible in the Old Testament several times clearly refers to the taboo with getting tattooed. However, even advocates for Christian tattoos say that people should be careful about choosing their designs. This teaching influences many former non-believers who once sported questionable tattoos to have them removed or covered with better choices so that they no longer will offend Christian doctrine. People who believe that they have a staked interest in this debate use the Bible to advocate either for or against this practice. The passage in this book, found in Chapter 19, verse 28, says that people should not cut or mar their bodies in any way because God is the Lord. Hebrews were not allowed to get tattooed because doing so would be disobedient to God’s will for them.

In fact, in answering should Christians get tattoos, people in favor of tattooing to a degree say that the Bible does speak of tattoos in one New Testament chapter, that being Revelations. Instead of dragons, two-headed beasts, or evil looking snakes, these people have their tattoos covered with angels, crosses, or flowers to show their newfound Christian faith. While many Christians arguably do not take their Biblical beliefs to that extreme, they still have strong opinions about whether or not tattooing is allowed in accordance to God’s law. People against tattoos say that God clearly spoke His judgment on tattooing and against any form of physical desecration. However, when Jesus began His teachings, he made it clear as well that He is not the enforcer of Old Testament law, but rather that He came to release people from those dictates entirely, except notably of course from the Ten Commandments. The Bible can be used to favor either side of the argument involving should Christians get tattooed. However, in the end people who consider themselves to be Christians often use their own judgment to determine whether or not getting inked is the right decision for them. However, advocates in favor of tattooing say that Jesus told everyone that He came to fulfill the law, meaning that Old Testament Hebrew law cannot bind Christians from getting tattoos.

With that, people who consider themselves to be Christians say that they can get tattoos simply because Jesus did not place any kind of stipulation on whether or not it would be a sin to do so.
With that, some Christians in favor of tattoos urge others to avoid choosing images that would be contrary to Christian beliefs or somehow show disfavor to Jesus. Christians continue to make up their own minds about how this practice affects their religious affiliation and personal faith. Orthodox Jews may still avoid tattoos, but Christians are free to choose for themselves whether or not to get inked because Jesus released them from that old law.

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