Erst vor wenigen Tagen wurde die Browser-Version der Google Photos leicht verbessert, und jetzt folgt auch die Android-App mit einer Reihe von neuen Funktionen: Die App ermoglicht nun ebenfalls die Umsortierung von Fotos in einem Album und bringt auch einige weitere Verbesserungen mit sich. Die Google Camera-App fur Android kann bereits von sich aus Collagen und Animationen aus den geschossenen Fotos erstellen, und diese werden nun auch von Google Photos erkannt und entsprechend angezeigt. Mochte man direkt aus der App heraus einen Film erstellen, lassen sich die verwendeten Videos nun auch direkt im Movie Editor bearbeiten. And if you look closely at the top image of this post, you'll see a nice troll from the Photos team. The reason for this feature to roll out is because when uploading older photos than the ones from your phone (from your DSLR for example) through the desktop uploader, Photos would often consider the date of the upload as the date the photo was captured.
So there's a HUGE need for this feature because of a problem with the uploader, whereas the location problem isn't as important as this one.
Also, if you're going to make the "upload older photos" example, I would think a lot of those older photos wouldn't have location data either. Yeah, I'm not saying location data is useless either, but the time date is crucial in the fact that Google Photos is organized as a time line.
I'd love it if it would assign a location based on the time in the meta data and my location history.
I appreciate the option to fix the dates but there is no batch option which means it's tedious to fix more than a couple photos. If I have to manually keep track of each photo that I edit and then have to manually delete it from Photos and then manually figure out how to tell it to upload the revised ones, that's not a good experience. Since no one has mentioned it - and it was specifically mentioned on the Google+ post - you can now remove incorrect photos from the "things" collections. This is a step in the right direction, but batch editing of dates would be even more useful, particularly for those of us who have photos from a camera which was set to the wrong date. Still can't embed images into forums so it's fucking useless as far as a photo storage service goes.
Am really hoping they sort out some of the inconsistencies between the google drive interface and photos interface. Google Camera can create Photosphere and panorama images, but perhaps more is in the works, along with deeper ties to Google Photos. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
During its Nexus event yesterday, Google showed off some new features coming to Google Photos, and it looks like those features are now rolling out in a fresh update to the app.
Chromecast support: Cast your photos and videos to your TV, even if they haven't been backed up yet. You want to play your music loud and proud for the whole world to hear, no matter where you choose to be! While 4G has been rolling out in India since 2012, the segment will see its largest expansion this year. Adding photos to your Ravelry project pages can help you keep a beautiful visual record of your crafts, as well as help Ravelry as a whole by providing helpful pictures for patterns and yarns.
Our default photo adding option is easy and fast – it even allows you to upload multiple images at a time, right from your computer, Android, iPad, or iPhone! On your project page, we’ll show your username and a link to the photo on flickr underneath each picture.

This option will allow you to import photos from other websites (as with all the other options, this is, of course, to be used only for photos to which you have the rights). I’m sure many businesses will be happy with the ability to sign in with their Google+ page while normal users should be excited about the ability to trim videos and move content in albums.
While none of these features are big enough in themselves, they do combine to improve the usability and experience of Google Photos immensely.
Google is rolling out Google Photos v1.3 through the Play Store, but the update can take up to a few days to land on your device. More fun adjustments in lately’s update come with the power to reorder pictures in a photograph album, make a selection a custom photograph album duvet, and get rid of faulty pictures from seek effects. So ist es nun endlich auch wieder moglich, sich als Google+ Seite in Fotos einzuloggen und die entsprechenden Fotos wieder direkt mit der App zu verwalten.
Die App sorgt nun dafur, dass diese bereits bearbeiteten Fotos nicht noch ein weiteres mal bearbeitet werden, so dass sich keine Collage in einer Collage befindet. Anschlie?end konnen dann alle Fotos frei verschoben und die Reihenfolge geandert werden – auch dabei ist es wieder moglich, mehrere Fotos gleichzeitig auszuwahlen und diese als gesamten Block zu verschieben. Dazu gibt es nun einen neuen Button mit einem symbolisierten Filmstreifen, und schon landet man in der Ansicht fur den Filmschnitt. Das Update fur die Photos-App wird seit gestern ausgerollt, wer aber nicht mehr langer warten kann, kann sich die Datei auch bei APK Mirror herunterladen und so direkt alle neuen Funktionen nutzen.
If you head over to your collections and open any album, a new edit button in the top right corner lets you rearrange your photos just the way you like them. The pic shows as being taken by an LG Nexus 6, but we all know LG is building the Nexus 5. It was weird that you had to use Google+ if you wanted to edit advanced info like that on photos. Now, if they go ahead and allow for pictures to be moved into collections (not only copied) from both the web and mobile and make it possible to delete pictures from collections directly (not only "remove from collection"), I could finally drop Picasa and G+ Photos.
I remember the Google dev team saying that since adding Chromecast support to apps is so easy, only takes a few line of code, they felt all apps should add support. My favorite part about Google plus photos was the ability to upload at full resolution, and then the family would gather around the living room and laugh at the pictures I took at the family event the other day. Personally I'd like to fix the original EXIF data on the PC and have Google Auto Backup upload the revised files.
In my photos, any picture taken before 4am is listed as being taken the day before, even though the time stamp clearly says the correct day.
For example, what about people who work evenings or nights and have their hours shifted around, should Google allow them to define what a "day" means to them in order to organize their pictures?
Should I expect my phone to not update the current date until 4am when the Google-day changes? Also it doesn't seem to work on the photos marked as "December 31, 1969" as they don't have a timestamp to edit (seems like a group of photospheres are placed there for some reason).
Fortunately, Google seems to be eyeing continual improvements, aware that many other cloud services are in play to be the home for all your pictures. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
Once labeled, easily search for people, or combine people, place, and thing search terms for even more precise results, such as "Juliana at beach in Hawaii".
Keep in mind that people labels are US-only for now, and the other feature that Google showed off at its Nexus event, Shared Albums, won't be available until sometime later this year.

Sometimes they are new apps, sometimes old standards, but every time they are apps we love to use.
A long-awaited app finally comes to Android — and the developer has the gall to ask for $3 a year to use the really good parts of it. Reliance Jio is set to debut its long-awaited service, while Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone are aggressively expanding into more cities.
Browsing Ravelry projects is a guaranteed way to find yarny inspiration, thanks to the wonderful photos contributed by this community! Once the photos are uploaded to Ravelry, we resize them for you and add them to your project.
On the photobucket tab at the bottom of your project’s photos tab, enter your photobucket username.
The main ones are the ability to trim movies, reorder content in albums, and sign in as a Google+ page.
Others are: you can reorder content in albums, login as a Google+ page, and Google Photos can now recognize collages or animations that Google Camera created.
If you are not willing to wait that long, you can always grab the APK from here and install it manually.
All images, logos and trademarks used on this site are property of their respective owners. One of the largest options being touted is the power so as to add a timestamp for your pictures, so folks viewing your album can realize precisely while a photograph used to be taken. All of it's live to tell the tale the web at this time, so merely head to Google Photos and test all of it out!
Hier lassen sich nun am Anfang und am Ende des Videos die nicht gewunschten Teile abschneiden und dieses gekurzte Video direkt fur den zu erstellenden Film nutzen.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. If you'd like to check out Chromecast support and people labels, however, the update is rolling out on Google Play now.
Secondly, the app now provides an option to view albums that have been directly shared to you by your friends and family, while the third new feature is the ability to adjust the length of a video clip to only display the interesting parts in it.
Anschlie?end werden alle verfugbaren Seiten angezeigt und direkt zu dieser gewechselt werden. So lassen sich auch per App endlich wieder Fotos hochladen und verwalten – was mit der Umstellung von Google+ Photos auf Google Photos fur einige Zeit verloren ging. Those who run Google+ pages (businesses, organizations, clubs, etc.) will also love the idea of being able to keep your photos in a separate account.
It’s not every day we get to see large improvements come to Google apps, so enjoy this one. Remember apps don’t roll out all at once, so you may not see the update live just yet.

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