Angel tattoos have been slowly but surely gaining popularity over the past few decades and it makes sense when you think about it – an angel tattoo is like having your guardian angel with you all the time.
The word angel comes from the Greek word aggelo, which means to pass along something new or to announce something. Angels are a link between heaven and earth and belong to Judaist, Christian and Islamic traditions. Carry out God's orders (they do have a free will though, they can choose to obey or disobey). Angel designs are usually pictured with wings, although the Bible doesn't mention angels that have wings.
Sometimes people use an angel in a memorial tattoo to commemorate the death of a loved one. The most popular spot for angel wing designs is between the shoulders, the place where wings would naturally be if humans had them (I wish I had some!). The best-known cherub is Cupid who makes people fall in love by shooting an arrow through their heart. Archangels are the angels with the highest rank (arch is Greek for chief), the angels that are the closest to god.
A fallen angel is an angel that has been banished from heaven as a punishment for disobeying God. The most famous fallen angels (aka demons or dark angels) are Satan, Leviathan and Beelzebub. Nicole Richie: actress and socialite who has angel wings on her back, among many other tattoos.
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The girl loves children and this tattoo is a representation of the same divine liking the girl harbors in her heart.
The naked angel with a fallen face and parts of wings shed on ground represents complete surrender to the will of god. The large cloaked angel with widespread arms is a nice tattoo design that creates a mystic and awe-inspiring effect through its display.

The man shows off his arm tattoo that bears the portrait of two angels entwined together; a symbol of togetherness.
Pretty angel tattoo design carved in black and white format that is symbolic of love, divinity and peace. It is a widely held belief that the angels reach our prayers to god and the tattoo symbolizes the same belief. Upper back angel tattoo done with roses that looks graceful and symbolizes the lost love of the wearer. Symbolic of motherly love and affection; this angel tattoo looks awesome and portrays the adorable bond between a mother and child. Unique style angel tattoo design done with lettering and image that is very distinct and alluring in outlook. The cross and the masculine angel together create an excellent tattoo design that is perfect for religious minded guys.
Tied up angel with wings spread wide looks very magnetic as it sits on the back of the man. Symbol of despair and disappointment; this back angel tattoo design has a mournful touch to its gloomy avatar. If you want you can also add a touch of glamour and style to your angel tattoo the way it has been shown here.
Always there to guard and fight against the evil powers; this angel tattoo design is very alluring and distinctive.
Hands joint in a prayerful pose and wings spread out, this angel tattoo arouses spiritual sentiments with its look. The male angel with outspread wings looks very unique and draws attention with is pose and masculine body. Baby angel tattoo design is popular and stands for the parent’s tribute to the god for having blessed her with a precious gift. Sleeping baby angel with wings wrapped around its body looks graceful and is a symbol of the wearer’s loss of a child. This angel tattoo design is perfect for those who want a memorial art form with the RIP theme. If you want the protective and awe-inspiring avatar of the angel as tattoo then this design serves as a perfect inspiration.

Take a look at this angel with a thoughtful pose and a halo over his head that is symbolic of mystic wisdom and knowledge of the divine. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The confusion comes from another kind of supernatural being mentioned in the bible, called cherubs.
There is a wealth of angel images in the art of the middle ages and Renaissance and these can be adapted to tattoo images by a skilled artist.
They are usually naked, have wings, look like a baby angel (usually male) and are sometimes pictured sitting on clouds with a trumpet or bow in their hands. Typical fallen angel tattoos usually picture an angel with a menacing look, torn wings and sometimes horns, they look like a thug angel. The Angel of Death is usually used as another name for the Grim Reaper, although Angels of Death are usually pictured with wings and the Grim Reaper is not.
According to Roman Catholicism, there is a good Angel of Death (Michael) and an evil one (Samael).
Who is the one that is considered to be the messenger of god and finds an echo in the mythical accounts of most of the cultures of the world? One of them is the baby angel design that is mostly worn by parents who have been blessed with a child or have lost one. Getting an tattoo in memory of someone is a way of having them with you for the rest of your life. These winged creatures are known by all and one and we have heard numerous stories about their deeds that range from adventurous to mysterious.
Guys go for the warrior angels or those who have got a badass masculine touch to their outlook. They are also quite famous as tattoos and people who are fascinated by them are always looking out for cool angel tattoo designs to grace their body. Here we have created a collection with 25 images that will give you more ideas on the topic.

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