Angel tattoos help convey a spiritual or religious message, though not all angel tattoos are the same. Guardian angels are believed to be the protectors of humanity in times of crisis and are very popular tattoo designs. The Archangels are the royalty of all angels and considered the closest to God in the heavenly order. Fallen angels are symbolic of the epic battle between God and Lucifer, symbolizing a fall from Grace. Angels can signify many things in artistic expression, from religious devotion to a personal statement about life. The shoulder is a popular place for men and women to get an angel tattoo; this is especially true of guardian angels. Mentions of angels are found throughout the texts of the world's three largest religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Throughout history, angels have been depicted as God's messengers and soldiers, delivering His word and carrying out His punishments on mankind. Angel tattoos are thought to reflect the wearer's personal relationship with God, so choose your design with care.

If you have read the old testament bible then you already know that cherubs and angels are mentioned all throughout the Bible. Let's look at a few reasons why number of people is increasing who pick baby angels as their tattoo design. Tattoos of baby angels can create great lower back tattoo design for you, or can be a chest piece or probably on your upper arm or wrist. Although, many guys and girls choose this design simply because they like the way it looks in its entirety.
So, we can say baby angel tattoos are some of the best choices for both guys and girls due to a number of reasons. Quite often, guardian angels are pictured holding or standing just behind children in a watchful pose.
Cupid shoots his arrow through the hearts of unsuspecting people, causing them to fall immediately in love with one another; these angel tattoos are usually accompanied by an arrow through the heart, too.
Adding other elements to these tattoos can individualize them, and clearly express the significance of the tattoo. With a little planning, you can create an image that will embody this relationship on your flesh.

You can get baby angels tattoos on the smallest as wrist to the biggest as back area of your body. Before you tattoo yourself with an angel, however, be aware of the debate and history around tattoos in religious circles. Michael is believed to have led the battle against Lucifer in the great rebellion, casting him out of heaven himself. Doves would express peace and gentleness, while a sword would indicate protection or a warrior. There are a lot of angel designs that you can get but we think tattoos of baby angels are the most popular you would like to get. Michael is usually depicted in body armor, holding a large sword, with wings out swept in readiness.

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