Together we are helping to re-beautify Codman Burying Ground, a historic cemetery owned by Second Church, which is ripe for transformation back to a place of community light, life and pride.
Angel tattoos have been slowly but surely gaining popularity over the past few decades and it makes sense when you think about it – an angel tattoo is like having your guardian angel with you all the time. The word angel comes from the Greek word aggelo, which means to pass along something new or to announce something. Angels are a link between heaven and earth and belong to Judaist, Christian and Islamic traditions.
Carry out God's orders (they do have a free will though, they can choose to obey or disobey). Angel designs are usually pictured with wings, although the Bible doesn't mention angels that have wings. Sometimes people use an angel in a memorial tattoo to commemorate the death of a loved one. The most popular spot for angel wing designs is between the shoulders, the place where wings would naturally be if humans had them (I wish I had some!).

The best-known cherub is Cupid who makes people fall in love by shooting an arrow through their heart.
Archangels are the angels with the highest rank (arch is Greek for chief), the angels that are the closest to god. A fallen angel is an angel that has been banished from heaven as a punishment for disobeying God. The most famous fallen angels (aka demons or dark angels) are Satan, Leviathan and Beelzebub. Nicole Richie: actress and socialite who has angel wings on her back, among many other tattoos. We thank Him not only for the physical transformations He has enabled us to achieve, but the community building opportunities this initiative continues to afford us. The confusion comes from another kind of supernatural being mentioned in the bible, called cherubs. There is a wealth of angel images in the art of the middle ages and Renaissance and these can be adapted to tattoo images by a skilled artist.

They are usually naked, have wings, look like a baby angel (usually male) and are sometimes pictured sitting on clouds with a trumpet or bow in their hands. Typical fallen angel tattoos usually picture an angel with a menacing look, torn wings and sometimes horns, they look like a thug angel. The Angel of Death is usually used as another name for the Grim Reaper, although Angels of Death are usually pictured with wings and the Grim Reaper is not.
According to Roman Catholicism, there is a good Angel of Death (Michael) and an evil one (Samael). Getting an tattoo in memory of someone is a way of having them with you for the rest of your life.

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