Educate yourself about the different looks and meanings that wings can take on, then choose the look that is right for you. Think about it: If you were to take a frog and slap a pair of wings on him, he'd suddenly seem a whole lot cooler. There are dozens and dozens of great reasons to use tribal angel wings in artwork, body art and other situations.
Now that we've taken a look at the many different popular creatures that have wings, the next logical step is to consider what meaning people derive from tribal angel wing tattoos. Angel Wing Tattoos come in second place as one of the most requested ink designs in the United States. When selecting where you want to place your tattoo design you will want to be sure that you give some thought as to how visible you want it to be. Speaking of locations the wonderful thing about angel tattoos is that you can really put them almost anywhere. A tattoo, depending on the subject and design, has a story to tell about the individual who wears it.
The tattoos are usually sketched with the angel pressing hands together (Namaste) or arms spread wide along with the wings. Of course, the tattoo of the wings will differ, depending on the design, pattern, and size you are looking for. Apart from the representation of God or being close to Him, angel wings are inked as a memorial to someone or having a deep, spiritual meaning behind it.

This tattoo does have negative connotations; but, if we take a closer look, there is a positive message as well. An angel of death tattoo is a constant reminder that death is an integral part of life.Other Tattoo IdeasApart from the designs discussed above, there are other tattoo ideas you can choose from. NO symmetry, shape is jacked and the people saying it's good are blind which is why their tats are just as jacked up! Whether yours are feathered, metallic or made out of any other type of material, they are sure to look absolutely magnificent. Whether you choose to use them to pay homage to a living, breathing animal - or if you use them to show your love for mythical creatures like fairies and angels - there's no question that wings work well in many scenarios. While the creatures themselves are important and interesting, it's usually the wings that make them that way. The lower back is a great place to put a pair of spread horizontal angel wings, but it is not the only place for wings. People choose animals, birds, zodiac signs, religious symbols, demons, angels, nature, etc., to be inked on their bodies.
Guardian angels are also tattooed in memory of someone special or to honor lost loved ones.Cherub Angel TattooIn the Bible, cherub angels were portrayed to be powerful, as they used to protect God and heaven. Generally, the designs comprise a baby angel holding a bow and arrow, with a scarlet heart in the background.Angel Wings TattooThis design is mostly done on the back with wings on the shoulder blades. Of course, you will have to do an extended research and find a reliable and experienced tattoo artist for suggestions on the sketch.Archangel TattoosArchangels are angels believed to be the closest to God.

By far the most popular spot for tribal angel wings body art is across the shoulder blades or occupying the full back. As far as angels are concerned, they are perceived as a connection between human beings and God (earth and heaven). Of these, Michael is considered as the most famous of all.Michael, very famously, led the battle against Lucifer (an archangel, who fell from the grace of God, and became Satan) in the great rebellion. Apart from Christianity, angels have been referenced in other cultures, such as Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Mormonism. Since each religion has its own history behind it, no wonder more and more people are willing to get angels as tattoos.Tattoo Designs to Choose FromLots of people, owing to their fascination with angel tattoos, invest a lot of time and money trying to find the right design for themselves. His wings are always swept out in readiness.Fallen Angel TattoosMichael, the archangel, led the battle between forces of heaven against Lucifer's army. It's obvious because a tattoo is a permanent acknowledgment of who you are as a person and what you believe in. Below, we've provided you with some helpful suggestions and design ideas to look over.Guardian Angel TattooAs the name suggests, these angels come as our saviors and protectors in times of crisis.

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