Most people consider wolves as menacing and evil and thus you’ll find this tattoo design only on those who are really fascinated by the agility and fierceness of a wolf. Generally, a wolf tattoo comes in two definite designs-cartoon like prints and portrait or realistic looking style. I did this one on a friend's left arm to get an apprenticeship at a shop in Augusta, GA, called NU Image.
The designs of the wolf tattoos have also got a distinct appeal and they can be created in various forms. The girl loves the sharpness and predatory skills of the wolf and got this tattoo as a mark of admiration. This large back tattoo, painted with wolves and moon, displays a mysterious magical portrait on the back of the guy. The couple got wolf tattoos on their bodies to convey their commitment and faithfulness to each other. Symbol of strength and wisdom, the calm and composed wolf acts as an inspirational source for the girl.
This blue-eyed black wolf embodies the spirit of shrewdness and mystery in a calm and cool manner. Full of cunning and deceit, this wolf tattoo paints a fine portrait of the evil qualities of the wolf. The guy got this wolf tattoo to remind himself to be aware of opportunities and grab them as and when they arrive.

The girl wears a full size wolf tattoo on her back that is a symbol of her family oriented nature. The wolf looks more mysterious and shrewd when it is surrounded by the striking tribal style spiral design. The girl is adventurous and ferocious by nature and therefore, got a wolf tattoo carved on her shoulder. This wolf tattoo, with blood inside its mouth and making a loud cry, makes for a freaky portrait. Wolf Portrait tattoo style is so hot and sexy and the lady is so cute with the wolf tattoos.
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Different animals like snakes, butterflies, turtles, dolphins and spiders are now being tattooed on different body parts of humans nowadays.
In fact, wolf is also used as a mythical character and appears in many folk tales and fables. The most popular one is the entire body of the animal, the head of it a pack of wolves, a wolf near the moon, wolf looking through the paws and snarling wolf. If you want to imprint a pack of wolves, the best place on the body includes back, stomach and your shoulders. This very inspiration drives many people to get tattoos and among the animal tattoos, the wolf tattoo enjoys a popular status.

Some like to wear the mystical black and white wolf tattoo while some are in love with the badass looking tribal wolf design.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. If you are interested in getting a wolf tattoo head, you can make it done on you arms, leg, waist and back of the neck.
The cunning and shrewd wolf which is also associated with evil and death is worn by many men and women as tattoos.
Colorful wolves are also famous and there are a good number of tattoo lovers, who like to get catchy wolf tattoos. It has got deep symbolic significance and stands for countless qualities such as devotion, masculinity, triumph, success, mystery, bravery, shrewdness, darkness, death, evil, strength, honor, faithfulness, etc.
So, check out some fine tattoo designs in the post displayed below to get a nice idea regarding the various designs and meanings of the wolf.

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