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Ankle tattoos can be inked one of two ways – as an individual spot of body art, or as an “anklet” that encircles the area. Bear in mind that a tattoo directly across the bones of the ankle will hurt more when being applied than if the art was located a bit further up, where there is additional fatty tissue.
After receiving an ankle tattoo, it is best to keep your leg elevated to reduce swelling and bleeding and apply a good antibiotic moisturizer such as Bacitracin.
For women, the most popular designs on the ankle include feminine art such as hearts, butterflies, fairies, and flowers.

Any image that can be adequately detailed in a small size is appropriate for an ankle tattoo.
Both men and women get tattoos on their ankle, which is generally thought to cover the lower calf to the junction with the foot, but they are much more popular with women. Closer to the calf also means there is a greater “canvas” of flesh and the tattoo can be larger. You will need to stay away from wearing boots and tight socks or pantyhose after the fresh tattoo is uncovered, until it is completely healed. Placement is generally on the back (along the Achilles tendon) or inner or outer sides of the ankles. Anklet tattoos are often depicted like the real thing – a delicate chain with a charm hanging from it.

You may want to experiment with a design that starts at the ankle and wraps around or descends to the top of the foot.
For men, an ankle tattoo is usually part of a larger piece of body art covering their outer, lower leg, with tribal designs being the most frequently requested. Look for inspiration at the artist’s studio or online to get some great ideas for an ankle tattoo on one or both legs.

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