It’s no secret that all of those stunning images surrounding us are created using computers and image editing apps. Professionals and amateur photographers alike gather a lot of photographs, so they want to edit or group images quickly and easily according to “who,” “where,” and “when.” In such cases, it is best to use an app designed to work with multiple images at once. To apply special effects to images or create various compositions from scratch, traditional image editing apps are used.
Those magical image editing apps look just like any other application that one might use every day, for example, Safari, Mail, iTunes, Pages and so on. Simply paint on the area of your photo that you wish to remove, and the app’s powerful algorithm goes to work removing the spot and rebuilding the image behind it.
Occasionally the end result isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but it only takes a small bit of tweaking to fix it.
When you need to correct the perspective of a photo beyond just straightening it, SKRWT is the app to turn to. Not only does SKRWT correct all types of lens distortion effects, but it can be used to create extreme perspective effects as well. For something different, try taking an image with a relatively “normal” perspective and warping it to one extreme or another. One of the limitations of iPhone photography is the limited control over depth of field (focus range). To simulate this effect on the iPhone, you can use the AfterFocus app which provides the most natural-looking shallow depth of field.
The BLACK app is designed primarily to replicate specific black and white film styles of the past. A personal favorite style is Kodak Tri-X as that’s what I used to shoot all the time back in high school and college.
One of the best parts of this app is the unique slider that allows you to compare the original photo with the edited version. The Facetune app allows you to quickly retouch portrait photos with easy-to-use tools and settings. Facetune allows you to smooth out skin imperfections, whiten teeth, add sparkle to the eyes, and even resize and reshape facial features! While Facetune is great for casual photography use, if you really want to achieve professional retouching results with a mobile app, Mira is second only to its bigger desktop sibling – Portrait Professional Pro software. Compared to Facetune and other similar apps, Mira offers even more creative control over the quality of skin, eyes, teeth, mouth, lighting, shading and more. The above examples show how Mira can take your portraits to the extreme of professional retouching. The Polamatic app by Polaroid allows you to apply the nostalgia of Polaroid pictures to all of your favorite iPhone photos. You can select from a number of classic Polaroid film styles, apply specialized effect presets, and further tweak them if you desire.

Color Thief is a truly unique editing app that you can use  to “steal” the color palette from one image and apply it to another. Simply pick two photos to work with – one is the “source” image and one is the “destination” image for the color template. Layout from Instagram provides an excellent set of tools for creating wonderful photo collages, and it integrates very well with Instagram. Simply select your photos, choose a layout style, then apply your photos to the available frames in the grid.
The apps listed above are only a handful of specialty iPhone photo apps that focus on one particular editing technique.
Depending on your personal style and approach, you may want to try some or all of these apps. When it comes to portrait retouching, Relook is a very good tool because of frequency separation technique which allows for non destructive skin smoothing. As they offer a lot more specific tools and features than image management apps, image editing apps enable photographers or designers—or in fact, anyone—to edit, enhance, or create images one by one. Although apps are used for different purposes, they all have fancy icons and are usually located either in the Applications folder on your Mac or right in the Dock, ready to be launched. To get started, look for the apps on the Internet or simply download Pixelmator right away.
The difficulty of use is intrinsic to the problem domain (editing images) and not a specific characteristic of Pixelmator. I was told I could arrange images by size and location on a 8 x 10″ format but find NO tutorial for this function. But did you know there’s a wide range of specialty editing apps that are designed to fulfill a single editing function?
With a bit of patience (and possibly a stylus pen) it even works well for removing annoying power lines from landscape photos. It’s great for fixing perspective problems that occur when shooting tall buildings from ground level. On a DSLR camera you can adjust the aperture of the lens to create a shallow depth of field which results in lovely blurred backgrounds. Simply paint on the areas that you want in focus and out of focus, then set the level of blur.
It does offer additional editing tools via an in-app purchase, but the free version essentially does one thing (and does it quite well). This style offers a slightly high-contrast look while still retaining good highlight and shadow detail.
Instead, it has an excellent selection of one-tap automatic correction tools to give you professional-looking photos in seconds.
So it sort of functions like a general editing app, but it’s much better for quick corrections (leave the heavy editing for more extensive apps).

While it’s very powerful, the interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you should find it easy to use regardless of your skill level. But you always have full control over just how subtle or extreme you set each adjustment option. You can either scroll through your photos right on the main screen (top or bottom), or you can open up your full Photo library for easy browsing. This makes comparing options even easier and can help spark new creative ideas that you might not have thought of in the first place. Either way, take your time to learn how each one works and you’ll likely end up with a few new favorites in the process! However, some of them are extensive and more complex, while others are easier to use and dedicated for home users. The key features of image management apps are grouping images into projects and working on groups of photos, as well as performing basic editing. Don’t give it another thought—go ahead and explore the features of image editing apps and enter the fascinating world of image editing. In this article you’ll discover ten of the best single-function photo editing apps that offer powerful tools for performing specific edits on your iPhone photos. Honestly, I can say that this app works better for this purpose than many desktop applications like Lightroom.
Once you have the collage the way you like it, save it to your Photos library or share it directly to Instagram. For example, apps like Photoshop and Gimp have a lot of features, and therefore, also a steep learning curve. The good news is that there are easy-to-use apps like Pixelmator which are actually perfect to start learning image editing. You can instantly create unique photo collages with custom layouts, backgrounds, and spacing. This coupled with a huge variety of filters like HDR, Galmour, Vintage, Retrolux is all you need to impress your friends or co-workers. It has all the tools you might need and super intuitive interface that makes them very accessible even to absolute beginners.You can make a full use of gorgeous photo effects and frames, fun stickers, color balance functionality, tilt shift ability, and more.
If you do not have time to mess around with all the options and settings you can auto-fix your photos with just a single tap.Fotor Photo Editor has all features you might need like crop, rotate, tilt-shift, photo collage creation wizard, vignetting, shadow and highlight, temperature, tint, curves, and much more.

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