The Aquarius tattoo can be a powerful symbol for those who are born under this astrological sign.
But the glyph of this sign is not the only element that can be worked into an Aquarius tattoo design. I have seen many Aquarius tattoos that feature only a pitcher or waves that are represented by three wavy lines. Color choice is another important consideration to make when choosing an Aquarius tattoo design.

A person born under the sign of Aquarius has a number of different symbols available to him that can be easily woven into any Aquarius tattoo design. I have also seen a number of Aquarius tattoos that feature this signs ruling planet, Uranus.
Since this sign is symbolized by water, many people choose to have their tattoo done in various shades of green or blue. One of the most prominent of these symbols is the water-bearer which is usually represented by a young woman pouring water from a pitcher or a young man carrying two pitchers balanced on the ends of a long pole.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of what can be done with this design and the possibilities are almost endless. I have also seen many great Aquarius tattoos that feature other aquatic animals such as fish, dolphins or starfish.

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