Hello i am interested in getting Live, Learn, Laugh, Love in Arabic tattoo and would like to know the correct translation?
I’ve visited several different sites for date translastions (written in full) and all seem to be different .
I was also planning on getting an Arabic tattoo sometime soon for my birthday, which is today. I want it arabic because that was the las language that my grandfather learned before he passed away.

I also do not want something incorrect on my body forever like some of these other people have said as well.
I’ve been wanting to tattoo four dates (month, date, year) and I need help with translation .
You can check out my custom tattoo design and translation service if you want me to translate and design a specific tattoo for you that includes dates. In the meantime, a good alternative might be to order a custom Arabic tattoo design from me and then take the design to a tattoo artist that you trust.

I want to make sure that what I am getting tattooed on my body is correct so if you could give me those three words in that order that would be awesome.
You only need to specifiy which Arab country you want the names of the calendar months and the numeral system from.

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