Description: Strong ram Aries tattoo design that also looks likes bull's head for Taurus Zodiac signs, with big twisted horns, some hair around the face like those of sheep animals, with very serious expression, taking compete control, charge over the situation. Description: Vector graphic of Zodiac flaming Ram Aries tattoo design in black inked silhouette with big head, spiral horns, shard furry burning wool body showing aggressive manner, lounging and ready to attack. Keyword: black, illustration, military, wild, animal, tattoo, silhouette, stencil, printable, template, fire, Zodiac, sign, idea, for men, hot, sexy, burning, design, Horoscope, Aries, symbol, large, art, for full body, upper back, chest, side, leg, thigh, half sleeve, arm, armband, birth month, April, May, sheep, goat, ram, clipart, tribal, style, threatening, leader, aggressive, in control, warrior, fighting, taking charge. Our PurposeThe site is in progress but in time it will become a great art index of the best talented artists.
Aries tattoos not only symbolize a date of birth, but are also said to represent the attitudes of a person. Many aries tattoos use the aries sign, which looks like a "V", but with curly ends to represent the horns of a ram. There is a lot of creative freedom with the ram because it can be portrayed as friendly, nonchalant or evil. Men will have an aries tattoo placed on their upper arms, across their backs or on the calf. In case of a tribal aries tattoo, the horns with the curly ends are used, but more intricate designs and lines are added around the design. When it comes to choosing a tattoo, using the facets of the zodiac symbols opens up a wide range of possibilities. For those people who may want a subtle aries tattoo, a good alternative is simply to tattoo the word "Aries" on the body so everyone immediately knows your sign.

The birthstone for Aries is the diamond thus creating the opportunity to include some extra dimension into the tattoo by using it as a background. Some additional aries symbols are Daisies, which are the flowers of Aries, and the Oak, which is the tree of Aries. Since time immemorial, people covered under the zodiac sign of Aries have been fascinated in wearing Aries Ram tattoos in their bodies because they are attracted profoundly with planets and stars that govern their lives on earth.  These tattoos have gained a wide acceptance from people of all ages across the globe among other zodiac signs because they are symbols of ambition, adventure and energy. Even in this modern era, a lot of people feel attracted to have Aries Ram tattoos in their bodies, regardless of age and gender.  They welcome any kind of zodiac tattoos not just because they are innovative and fashionable, but also because they feel that these tattoos provide them with amazing enthusiasm and energy.
Zeus was so overwhelmed with the kindness of His ram that He made it the 1st star in the constellation.  Being associated with this, Aries Ram tattoos signify kindness, freedom and pioneering spirit.
Even if the tattoo is a very old traditional art, away from the digital art, it is impossible to avoid the subject, especially when you meet an artist as genius as Peter Walrus Madsen.
Technique, clarity and quality of his works place him among the most important artists in this domain. The passion for beauty&art in my family and especially my own interest determined me to create this special site. These are geared more towards girls and are usually a simple design that is easily identified and is the perfect first tattoo for many as it is not too detailed. The ram is the symbol that represents the aries sign and it makes a great choice for an aries tattoo. For example, you could have the "V" holding the wings of a butterfly or use it in the handle of a sword.

When it comes to the body parts of the ram, just the head can be inked or the entire body of the ram can be shown in various positions. An Aries tattoo sprinkled with red dust would be a clever way to incorporate that symbol into a design. In any case, it's a good idea to make your tattoo unique, and using the Aries symbol as an anchor for another tattoo is a great way to have something one of a kind. The face can be positioned to appear as if it is staring directly at anybody who looks at it or just the side profile of the head can be inked onto the skin. In keeping with the zodiac, aries and taurus signs are very similar and the reason is that these two signs complement and harmonize with one another.
Besides these qualities must keep in mind that human skin is a very sensitive support compared to digital art where the support can be different, from cardboard, canvas to screen of a tablet.
The aries is more feminine while taurus is more masculine making them the perfect fit together. This art requires a great attention from the artist, a special technique and also some medical knowledge.
The customer who wants a tattoo should know very well what design he wants, where he wants it and how big it is.

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