The incoming policy will prevent new soldiers who have tattoos that reach below their elbow or their knee or above their neckline from enlisting.The initial wave of reaction on military blogs and social media has been largely negative. Serving soldiers who were recruited under the current policy would be grandfathered and allowed to keep their tattoos as long as they do not contain any racist, sexist, or extremist words or symbolism.Upon the adoption of the new system, all soldiers would be required to self-identify tattoos to their unit leaders.
The Junior Infantry Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) was established at Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Institute in February 1919. However you have it designed, firefighter tattoos make a bold statement about your principles. Many commenters cite the tattoo standard as antiquated and a poor indication of a soldier’s ability to perform the job.
Though these commonly echo a firefighter’s commitment to rendering his service to those in need, these tattoos can also stand for courage and bravery even if you’re not a firefighter yourself. These are shown sporting a fireman’s hat or may even go as far as having skeletons clothed in a full fireman outfit. With the risks and demands of their job, these religious icons give them that sense of protection and calm.

Others say body art has become a large part of the Army’s own culture, resurrecting an argument that surfaced when rumors of the new tattoo policy started circulating in 2011.While the changes are unpopular with some, they have not come as a surprise. The previous change was in 2006, when the Army loosened requirements on tattoos during the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan war efforts. President Obama’s Budget Control Act of 2011 projects $487 billion in military spending cuts over the next decade. For men on the duty, bearing a firefighter tattoo can serve as a memorial for their colleagues who have sacrificed their own lives to carry out their mission.
Other firefighters choose to imprint their issue badges or their city’s symbol and motto on their skin, in an attempt to ring out their devotion to serving others.
Army Gets Tough on Tattoos in a Reversal of PolicyThe Army is tightening its tattoo standards, a departure from the relaxed rules used to boost enlistment during the Iraq War.
Changes to the rules, which have been a source of speculation and debate among soldiers, have just been confirmed by Chandler to include restrictions on tattoos that will roll back the more lenient guidelines used during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Angel wings symbolize hope and protection, while fire-breathing dragons and demons represent danger and death which are common themes in a firefighter’s job.

To add some spice in a rather heavy duty, pin-up models with firefighter helmets and gears star in firefighter tattoos. Jacob Siegel on why the move may be more about downsizing than about visible ink.Tattoo-covered soldiers, their ink showing even in uniform, became a common sight over the last decade, reflecting both changing styles and the relaxed standards used to boost enlistments, but with the wars almost over and the Army preparing to downsize, body art is on the way out.
When he asked for feedback on his Facebook page In 2011, many wrote in to voice their support, singling out neck tattoos in particular as looking unprofessional and citing the need for uniformity of appearance.The most divisive aspect of Chandler’s original proposal in 2011 concerned the fate of soldiers who had been allowed to enlist with tattoos that would be prohibited under new restrictions. The Maltese cross, common in fire department shields, also make a fitting icon for the tattoo.
At the time, the possibility that those soldiers might be forced to remove their ink or leave the Army was not ruled out.
But the new rules take a more moderate position on the issue, in what may be a concession to the negative reaction within the ranks at talk of combat veterans being penalized or forced out for having tattoos that were allowed when they signed up.

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