Also, if you want to see more mind-blowing tattoos, check out weird tattoos that borderline insanity or Celebrity Tattoos, the hits and misses! Blew my mind which these artists did when if you can think it and see it then you can achieve it! Learn how to speak english first, then comment about how you dislike these amazing artworks. Does anyone know of a tattoo artist that can do a cobra busting out of your chest while on the back slipping into your body? However it is a nice work of art and especially if you have it on your body so you can always admire it. Did want to comment though on the photo with the man with the buttons down his chest and stomach like a shirt, I believe thats painted on, it’s not a tattoo.

But I think they could do something like that as an actual tattoo and make it look as realistic. In all honesty, intolerant and hateful comments such as yours just reflect poorly upon you, causing you to appear close minded, unintelligent, and ignorant.
That type of intolerant behavior accomplishes nothing productive whatsoever and only spreads hatred and intolerance of that which is different. It takes some courage to make one and you also have to take into consideration that it is kind of permanent, so you should really think about a certain design you would like printed on your body.
If you didn’t know about it – tattoo artists can even make you a 3d tattoo and they look really nice and so real. I, myself am too scared of the idea having of a needle scratching my skin but I definitely admire these tattoo art examples.

All you need to do is leave a comment below and click the upload picture button in the comment box.
I don’t remember the artist but they did a series of painted illusions on the human body.
If you own right to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on this site, please contact us, they will be removed promptly.
I’ve recently discovered them and I was amazed by the number of details these tattoos have.

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