Always proud to celebrate Canada's great natural, historical and cultural heritage on coins of exceptional quality and design, the Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to introduce fine collector coins which showcase the best of Canada to collectors and gift givers, at home and world-wide. The story of Canada is a great source of inspiration which offers Canadians and collectors all over the world an endless variety of Royal Canadian Mint coins renowned for their beauty, innovation and craftsmanship.The Mint is always excited to find new ways to celebrate the greatness of Canada on its coins and to create memorable keepsakes which excel in their visual and emotional appeal. Executed in Corinne Hunt's unique interpretation of traditional Kwakwaka'wakw and Tlingit forms, these miniature works of art are limited to a mintage of 2,500 coins each and retail for $139.95 CAD.
Corinne Hunt's evocative designs are captured once again on half-ounce coins crafted of 99.99% pure silver, enhanced by a proof finish and bearing a $10 face value.
The recently announced series of 25-cent 2011 commemorative circulation coins celebrating Canada's legendary nature can now be collected in precious sterling silver.

The 25-cent commemorative circulation coins featuring the Wood Bison, Orca, and Peregrine Falcon can also be collected in special-edition uncirculated sets featuring both the coloured and uncoloured versions of these exciting new commemorative circulation coins, as well as the two-dollar Boreal Forest and one-dollar Parks Canada Centennial coins.
In an exclusive follow-up to the kilo silver coin issued in July 2011 to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the first European observation of Lacrosse by French Jesuit missionary Jean de Br?beuf in 1636, the Mint has crafted an exquisite pure gold tribute to this intriguing piece of Canadian history. The Mint's annual 14-karat gold Provincial Coat of Arms series continues with Nova Scotia, the oldest of any province or territory, granted in 1625. With winter and the holiday shopping season around the corner, the Mint is pleased to introduce two new holiday-themed pure silver coins designed by artist Virginia Boulay. Another fast-approaching date is the 25th anniversary of the introduction of Canada's one-dollar circulation coin.

Andrew, the royal lion at the centre of the shield and a crowned unicorn are three distinct elements transferred from the Royal Arms of Scotland, which pay tribute to one of Canada's most important founding cultures.

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