Benon paints to convey an emotional story, illustrating the fragility of life from his own personal experiences. Benon has participated in a variety of group exhibitions in South Africa, Uganda, and abroad.
He has been featured in many art magazines and media including, Collagista magazine in France, Casscan Foundation community newspaper in the UK, African Elegancy magazine in Kampala, BBC TV world service, SABC3, and Summit TV. Watercolor Artist MagazineWatercolor Artist takes you inside the studios of the best and brightest of today's watermedia artists. Here you'll learn about making art from the inside out?from cultivating that first twinkle of inspiration to pinpointing the materials and techniques you'll need to execute your idea. The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Artist and The Pastel Journal bring you the best of the art world daily!
The Pastel Journal is the leading publication devoted to pastel artists of all skill levels, from the passionate amateur to the working professional.
The community of artists, collectors and admirers fascinated by the art of the American West. Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Yes, Mikasa is exceptionally beautiful, a genius in a hundred years, and the strongest in the military. I’m not a sexist, I am the feminist as I love women more than anybody else on the earth.
I’ve been reading the manga since 2011, so I got to see those Mikasa abs before most people have. Implying Mikasa only exists for your sexual gratification and not as an interesting and strong character.
Seriously, I hope you never get a girlfriend with your attitude, lest she have to deal with your sexist, shallow bullshit.
The fact that you are so ignorant as to not even understand why everything you wrote was both extremely sexist and shallow is just pathetic. Considering her rank (Number 1), her lifestyle (Combat based), her skill (one of the bests) and her lack of care for what others (besides Eren) actually WANT her to look like?
I’m a fifteen years old girl, short and with a face that makes people mistake me for twelve. Yes, we otaku exist in the world, that’s why there are anime for us to avoid harsh reality of 3D and escape to 2D. I can’t accept your request, so I will keep writing, though it may sounds senseless to you, I know there are otaku out there who share similar experiences, so for them I write.
Once you bring others in to it, real people, it’s about abs on girls in general, even if its focused on Mikasa.
Yes, it’s just that people have failed to catch humors, or maybe got to improve writings since not familiar people took it seriously and responded with such negative comments. Yes, I love 2D girls more than anybody else since I’m a kimo-ota (kimoi-otaku), and there are some kimo-ota actually married a girl from LovePlus. This allows for a three-dimensional effect on a flat surface, as well as enhancing rich colors and contrast.
He draws inspiration for his work from his own life experiences and focuses on the concept of survival, and the importance and fragility of one’s life. His work is already in a number of private collections in South Africa, Europe, Canada, as well as in the public collection of Ellerman House, Cape Town. Plus, each issue brings you the most reliable information available on must-have painting tools and materials, from paint to paper to brushes and beyond. It helps people find advertising opportunities with magazine publishers in 148 consumer markets. As long as her midriff is covered, she is one of the current most attractive females in anime.

She’s one of the weakest out of the trainees and, out of them all (save for Armin), has the lowest amount of combat skill.
This body type is completely justified, and quite attractive to those whose masculinity don’t feel so threatened. Despite the fact that she has the lowest combating skills among the top ten of the 104th alumni (yes, top is Mikasa), she’s still graduated as one of the top ten, so she is extremely strong. However, I train fencing six days in week and have some muscles, which the same people who think I’m cute finds strange.
In the article, contrast to Mikasa, I put Kaoru from Amagami as a girl with smooth abdomen. I’d bet anything that you are some out of shape little shit, and here you are saying girls with abs are revolting.
To say they are revolting, a deal breaker, and she should never show her midriff is why you sound superficial.
Because to say abs are amazing thus always should show midriff doesn’t sound superficial. Portraying a strong character with a realistic figure to match her athleticism is what was important. So, it was natural that the whole article would be about Mikasa’s abs, because I was really shocked by it. I just used the Jewish argument to illustrate a point, but fine, lets put it this way, imagine if an article about your bodytype was made. Who knows, maybe the others and I failed to catch your biting satire that made it comical, but that’s really not obvious in your article. He was also an International Artist in residence at the Bag Factory Artists’ Studios in Newtown, Johannesburg in 2011. For artists working in watermedia, Watercolor Artist is the definitive source for creative inspiration and technical information. Focusing on techniques, current trends, business advice, and reviews of tools and materials, Watercolor Artist readers learn from the world?s best and brightest watermedia painters.
There are many factors influencing current figures, so please contact the magazine's advertising team for today's exact figures. She was a member of the school’s track team, so she wore shorts that bared her belly, and ohhh, 6 pack! I just find her personality to be admirable for young girls everywhere ever since I saw her back when reading the manga. While there are people who could genuinely find muscle like that on a woman unattractive, your case in particular boils down to what I just mentioned. I see midriffs with smooth abdomen throughout anime, the classic example is that every anime got at least one beach episode in it, which is totally cliche, but I get moe out of these. Btw, cute girl with martial arts skill is really cool, Sentou-bishoujo (fighting beautiful girl) is prototype in anime also.
Not like Mikasa, but Kaoru is very strong too, she beat up a sex offender suspect at a school and she becomes a hero. I don’t like to judge people, but everything you have written leads me to believe that you are a sad, overweight man who has no friends and does nothing all day but sit behind your computer and watch anime, and then writes these pathetic, meaningless articles just to garner some attention.
Haganai or I barely have friends, but still have friends, and I do go outside to make ends meet, just to pay bills in order to keep watching anime. So, if I say “girls with abs are amazing,” would that be stupid and superficial too? Also, you go on to talk about girls you knew and how they were also unattractive for being fit, what the hell bud? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind one praising it, but what about one calling it repulsive? So don’t act like you and your friends have the final word on whether or not you said something wrong.

He makes a conscious effort in all his work to capture the core essence of the subject matter so as to reveal something more important, something real, hidden by society’s unwritten rules.Through his work, he finds expression for emotions shared by many, especially those living on the fringes of the mainstream society. Life, beauty, and character all come vivid in his often powerful, colorful and provocative paintings.
Her whole body was muscular, but slender-muscular like Bruce Lee, not like Arnold the humongous muscles.
So, probably, if they are watching Attack On Titans now, they must be having ecstasy by looking at Mikasa’s 6 pack. So aside from you obviously having not taken into consideration actual canon material (aside from the top picture of the article), this article shows just how feeble and concerned you are with your own manliness. If objectification makes people douchebags, then except for asexuals, all people including you and me are douchebags. And for lolicon, which a lot of otaku are, Lolita appearance is gold, so loli martial artist totally induces heavenly moe moe kyun! Seriously, please just stop commenting, all that it’s attracting is more negative responses. Thus, the entire article became about the abs because I intended to write like that, since I had a sense of urge to write about how I felt about her abs in a honest way possible. But because of that, at the same time, I had a precious experience of seeing the abs with my own eyes in middle school, which I could later write about it and share with everyone in this particular opportunity. But honestly, in the show itself, you never see the characters midriff, so don’t get so hung up on it.
The abstract imagery in his work represents the act of survival while the text, often obscure, stresses questions of identity within society.
When people see my work though, I would like them to enjoy each piece for its color harmony, pleasing visual appeal and the ability to connect and communicate” he says.
In fact I am a soushokukei danshi (herbivorous boy), I don’t like full of physical contact, sweaty jock sports like American football.
What I want to say isn’t that you have to like girls with abs, but to dislike someone because of it is just creepy.
Shouldn’t strength be a good thing, or is it just okay for a girl to be strong if her abdomen is smooth? So, I don’t think that my article have sounded petty or superficial, but rather comical. You are not a comedian nor is your work funny ( judging by your piece), so it just sounds petty and like the work of a weeaboo who takes this way too seriously. Now, the number of moe animes is getting smaller, and this kind of serious and gruesome anime is coming back to life like the 80s, oh yes, like Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) so to speak. I suppose it could work as a sarcastic piece making fun of those who actually think like this, but since you actually do think this way, I doubt that’s the joke.
But some of my classmates were into girl’s abs, so they felt muscular girls were very hot. In my middle school, there wasn’t any girl’s locker room, well, it was still middle school, and our city was not wealthy enough to provide girl’s changing room. But flat smooth abdomen is ideal, and I want to kiss navel of that like Tachibana did to Kaoru in Amagami SS. But I will not write an article about how I do not find a character attractive anymore because of it.
And that time, we could accidentally see girl’s belly, but we averted our eyes by the sense of guilt. Yes, this kind of muscle is abjection, I just can’t get any moe out of it, but only a sense of fear and awe.

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