Celtic Tattoos Designs, Animals, Nature, Symbols and CrossesCheck out all kinds of Celtic tattoos designs for those who who have a celtic soul.
Celtic Art used as Inspiration for Celtic Tattoo DesignsThe Celts were a very artistic people with everything decorated in the most amazing shapes and designs. The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular of Celtic Designs for TattoosThe Celtic Cross is one of the most popular of Celtic Designs for Tattoo.
Celtic Knot ShapesThere are 8 basic knot shapes that can be used to make up a Celtic Design.
The Celts had quite high values for the horse and it was linked both the sun god Belenus (also spelled Belenos) and also to war and all the associations of war including long life endurance, accumulation of riches and acquiring of more land, power and winning.

Yes if you look closely at many of their designs their art is far from free flowing and inspirational. It is beautiful yet exact with the patterns being precision thought out and executed with rules that are followed in each of the designs.The Celts hated empty space so everything was stocked full of design. To the Celtics the cat was a guardian to the next world or as they believed the underworld. There is a lot of variety in a Celtic tattoo.Celtic designs are based on animals, symbols and nature.
The Celtics believed the cat had deep knowledge and understanding of things that we could not.

A cat is wise and aloof, it is artful and clever and can give knowledge of the unseen world. The cat is much the same and I can easily believe they can see beyond this world and hold a wisdom that is secret to only them. To the Celtics the cat was a very highly esteemed animal.Celtic Dog Tattoo Design - 3 dogs intertwined.

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