The pieces were chosen from a group of nearly 100 submissions, and they will be reproduced as large-scale, two-dimensional posters to be featured at more than 200 MetroBus shelters in the St. Metro Arts in Transit, in conjunction with Lamar Advertising, invited local artists to submit their artwork to MetroScapes last fall. The posters will be installed at MetroBus shelters starting this spring and will be on display for one year.

Louis area artists have been selected for MetroScapes, a Metro Arts in Transit program that showcases local art at Metro transit locations. The pieces will also be showcased at a public exhibit and reception for the artists to take place at a local arts gallery later this year. A series of glass kitchen mosaic tile backsplash for an incredible home in West Monroe, LA.We went to Anchorage, AK summer of 2013 to install a large glass mosaic mural around a curved wall for the St.

If you let me know what MetroScape you are looking for, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

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