Scientifically known as panthera leo persica, the Asian lion has got many names like Indian lion (in India), Persian lion (in south west Asia) and Eurasian lion (in Middle East). African lion can be easily differentiated from an African lion, from its longitudinal fold of skin which runs along its belly. Photo GalleryClick on the images to view a photo gallery of some of the animals you will see. African Lion Safari based in Cambridge, Ontario Canada, is a drive through wildlife park featuring over 1,000 exotic birds and animals from around the world. Lion Tattoo Design is one of the tattoo ideas listed in the Tattoo Designs & Fonts category.

At present Gujarata€™s Gir forest sanctuary is the only place, where one could be able to find these lions. Other distinguishing features are bushy and dense hair coats, tail having a long tassel and long tufts of hair on elbow. These lions are under private protection of the state and the number is counted about 411(as on April 2011, increased from 52 in 2005). The area of survival of these lions is decreasing from centuries; as human population, over gazing and destruction of forest is increasing. Male with maximum height of shoulders reported so far is of 107 cm and the record for longest male is 292 cm.

Male Asian lions reach their sexual maturity at the age of about 5 years and the females reach at an early age of about 4 years. Now their area spreads about 1300 square kilometer, which is half of that present in 1884(3000 square kilometer). More than 80% of the wild cubs die before the age of 2 years, because of their low mortality rate.

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