I was a little nervous to get tattooed because the guy was an apprentice and just learning. I liked the design but I had to go and get it fixed cos the artist didn’t spell her name right. I was a bit upset when I found he mis spelled the name and was nervous because I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to right it but he was able to fix it so that made it ok.
The artist that did it was an apprentice there but they did a real good job except mis spelling the name, and they fixed that so it’s ok.
It was kinda my fault because I saw the design of the tribal tattoo on paper beforehand and didn’t check the spelling so that was my mistake.

I didn’t want to do color cos I get a lot of sun in the summer and it would fade real bad. I known some people that got work there and they were happy so I figured it was a good place to get tattooed. I was thinking about getting her hand prints tattooed maybe but they were a bit too expensive. I went and got this when she was about 5 months old so she wasn’t just born but it was still close.
I didn’t know what I wanted to get tattooed for so I looked at the books before deciding.

I hadn’t really planned on getting a tribal tattoo but I liked the design so it seemed like a good idea to put her name with it.

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