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In this episode the guys talk about the Titanfall delay, Sonic Boom, Xbox One updates, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros, Lego Movie, Dice Awards and More. Prior to starting her own site, she wrote for several outlets and blogs mainly focusing on celebrity and pop culture, often doing celebrity interviews.
Kids of all ages enjoy a Mario’s related stuff and undoubtedly every child will be happy to have a cool Mario themed room. When Huff the Hubs and I have a spawn, wea€™ll HAVE to put this in their room, to prepare them for their fight one daya€¦.

Below you could find awesome Mario-themed bookshelves, which could become a great inspiration for you to create a very funny kids room.
These cool bookshelves present themselves as brown boxes painted in the Mario’s game style.
They could perfectly decorate a kids room and give a lot of space to store different items. To make them more practical several of them have nice doors, which are decorated by well-known question marks.
One more interesting addition for such Mario themed room could be a creative small table, which looks like a warp pipe.

Cool themed furniture could help to create a cool kids room, which could be fun, playful and at the same time very functional.

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