The feathered serpent god, known as Quetzalcoatl, was a large part of both Aztecan and Mayan culture. During their day, your average Aztecan individual would spend most of their day ensuring that the gods were pleased.
Since the god has no relevance in any over our modern day religions, most of the time individuals tattoo Huitzilopochtli on themselves in order to symbolize a belief in something. In ancient stories that dagger was used to tear out the beating heart of humans during sacrifices as offering to Huitzilopochtli.
Sometimes Aztecan characters were depicted with the head of an animal, or some other feature that is usually seen in animals such as feathers. Usually the sun god is tattooed on someone to illustrate their belief in the afterlife, a divine power, or an overarching oneness among humans.
The dagger is often tattooed on people in the modern world to symbolize a sacrifice, or a broken heart.

Most of the characters who were depicted in Aztecan art are shown to be wielding a weapon, or wearing armor.
Quetzalcoatl was highly revered by the Aztecs, and was also often depicted to be holding a bow and arrow. Sometimes the Aztec dagger tattoo is accompanied by a tattoo of Huitzilopochtli watching over the sacrifice. This is a reflection of the harsh lifestyle that was lived by the Aztecs so many years ago.
Because so much of their life was dedicated toward their faith in him, Huitzilopochtli showed up quite often in their art and stories. These tattoos would be considered more traditional and are often worn by individuals who have Aztecan ancestors. Quetzalcoatl was not considered to be the strongest of all of the gods that the Aztecs or Mayans believed in, but nevertheless was a very important piece to the divine puzzle that they had sculpted through years of worship.

Huitzilopochtli is often depicted as a large blue character who wore a headdress and had large hummingbird-style feathers.
In most depictions he was carrying a weapon, and often times had some sort of armor that protected him. He may represent the ability to be born again, or the ability to see oneself for who they really are.
Quetzalcoatl was a highly popular figure in several different cultures, and was one of a few gods that popped up in several different cultures and civilizations throughout Central America.

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