The Aztec dagger-once used to tear out the still-beating heart of human sacrifices as an offering to the Sun god-is another 'tribal' motif that finds new life as a modern-day Latino tattoo.
Likewise, the feathered serpent god known as Quetzalcoatl, revered by the Aztec and Mayan alike.
No god was more important than Huitzilopochtili, the sun god, the giver of life and guardian of the heavens.

The god of warriors, Tezcatlipoca, has inspired tattoo designs which have been called 'the most decorative and intense tattoos ever created.' Perhaps for that reason, non Latinos are lining up for these tribal designs of Central America.
As the god of creativity, fertility and weather, and as a symbol of ancient wisdom, it's no wonder that Quetzalcoatl has been embraced as a favorite tattoo design. Today, that Aztec sun tattoo might very well symbolize a belief in the afterlife, which may explain why this celestial character was often depicted in a serious mood.

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