Because of their stark, immediately recognizable designs, Aztec tattoos have become more common in recent years.
Some of the symbols shown in Aztec tattoos signified rank among tribe members, and others were meant to give thanks to ancestors or to show a spirit of sacrifice. When contemplating Aztec tattoos, it is important to study the history and meaning behind Aztec designs. During the 12th century, Aztec started their struggle of life and in the next 200 years, they became very powerful with a great combatant nation and advanced civilizations.
The ancient people of the Aztec tribe took great pride in their art, and created elaborate designs to differentiate themselves from rival tribes. They considered the sun to be the sustainer of life, and in some parts of Aztec culture, the sun was even thought to be heaven itself.
These people honored various gods by having tattoos placed on certain parts of their bodies. Understanding the cultural significance of Aztec tattoos will make the design more meaningful and personally significant for the wearer.

Aztec tattoos have a great impression on the people because of their complicated designs and multifaceted tradition. However, many people are not aware of the rich history that is symbolized by the elements of these tattoos. The tattoos of the Aztecs were also often used as part of religious rituals – many of the shapes and symbols found in these tattoo designs were considered sacred. Most commonly, the tattoos were placed on the stomach, wrist, or chest, although other placements were appropriate for certain rituals and ceremonies. Aztec God considered as God of warriors, motivated the Aztec people to make some different designs. They considered sun as a symbol of rebirth and due to sun they believe if afterlife of humans.
There is an Aztec art wind chime tattoo which is very popular and looks beautiful, different and eye catching. In Aztec tattoos, there are a number of tattoos which have the images of their worshipped God and Goddess.

Aztec calendars based on the sun and there are several images of sun seen in the Aztec calendar. In Aztec culture, from the very childhood, the children have been taught about the pottery making and many other things related to arts.
Some Mexicans go for Aztec tattoos because according to them these tattoos are connected with their commanding and hard-working ancestors.
Aztec tattoos have been mostly placed on the chest, stomach or on wrist of the children, so as to show the devotion of children to the God.

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