Prison tattoos are usually worn by members of various prison gangs for whom these body arts carry important symbolic meanings. Check out the images of prison tattoos presented in this site to get an idea of how they look like. The wrist, chest, and stomach were the most popular body parts for tattooing in Aztec culture because they represented the seats of power. In the Aztec culture, tribal tattoos were made to differentiate them from the members of other tribes. One of the most prominent features of these designs is that they are intricate, colorful, bold, and have various geometric shapes like pyramids, etc. Some people also get a warrior inked, as these people believe that they are like warriors in whatever they do, and that they would do whatever it takes to win and never give up.
The feathered serpent god "Quetzalcoatl" is also a favorite as it represents creativity, fertility, and weather; he was also the most powerful of all the Aztec gods. A crocodile, more of a monster that resembles a crocodile, is also seen depicted in the tattoo designs. When you choose your design, it is important that you get one that will suit your personality.
Aztec Tattoos is one of the oldest, primitive designs of tattoos created by the Aztec tribe of the 13th century.
Aztec tattoos are popular among the people of Mexico since it is where the Aztec culture was believed to be originated.
The curiosity of men to his past brings about new ways to generate creative and imaginative designs that will symbolize their belief and culture.
Aztec tattoos are not just remnants from the past but a continuation of its heritage for the future. If a person having a particular prison tattoo gets arrested, then he or she will be protected by the other gang members present in the prison. The designs vary from illustrating depictions of the Sun and Moon, animals and birds, priestesses and Gods, to warrior depictions, etc. They thrived along the areas covered by present-day New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. Just like other tribes, they would confer tattoos on warriors and brave men of their tribe to laud their special achievements. The Sun represents a guardian who guards the heaven; it is also responsible for regeneration and renewal.

It is said that the ancient warriors did everything that they could for their people, and this is where people draw their inspiration from. The calendar is often filled with images that represent the Sun with various facial expressions. The Aztec tribes are known for their culture of tattooing that even children at a young age are tattooed to represent their tribe’s beliefs. Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec god of weather creativity and fertility and considered to be one of the most powerful among all of the Aztec gods. Although these Aztec tattoos may seem simple and basic to look at, it has more complex details that make it more unique and original compared to other types of tattoo designs.
Choosing Aztec tattoos should be more personal and special since the Aztec culture has contributed a lot to our culture and history.
Alternatively, if that person is not a true gang member and only a poser, his or her tattoo symbol will be destroyed or burnt off the skin.
This Buzzle article briefs you about the history of the Aztec civilization and lists the various designs and meanings of these tattoos.
Aztec motifs depict the rites of passage, although in modern-day society, these do not exist. To get the right look, it is important that the artist is a master at his craft, as the smallest of mistakes can destroy the entire look. The really cool think about the white ink design of tattoos is that they can easily replace a classic black inked tattoo design. The Aztec calendar is a very pleasant tattoo design and could be really interesting and fun to wear.
Aztec tattoos provide individuality with its bearer and many people are very eager to get one of these intricate designs. The influence it brought to us makes Aztec tattoos more extraordinary and beyond the science of aesthetics. They were considered to be the most superior, prosperous, and thriving of all the other native American civilizations. Although the civilization was wiped out by the Spaniards, there are still a lot of people who wish to show their allegiance to this ancient culture.
You can choose to have symbols of the Aztec language for your body art, but there are very few people who are able to decipher the symbols correctly. The Aztecs would tattoo these same symbols on members of the tribe, only suring sacred rituals.

Romantic tattoos celebrate anniversaries, the joy of being newlyweds, making a special bond or memorializing a lover. Tattooing is one way to honor the Aztec gods and differentiate each Aztec tribe from another.
The eagle is the source of strength and many people get eagle tattoos to signify their power and dominance. Aztec tattoos brings out more attitude and significance to the person and reflects his personality and sense of humanity. You can acquire Aztec Forearm Tattoo Design guide and view the latest Various Forearm Tattoo Designs in here. The Surenos, a well known Latin gang from Mexico is known to operate from Southern California. They do this by sporting depictions, tattoos, and body art that characterize this civilization, as a majority of these tattoos have deep meanings. However, it is suggested that you get a unique design as most people looking for free ones on the Internet will end up with similar patterns. Another reason why Aztec tattoos are created is to mark a person’s status among his tribesmen and show his warrior rank and accomplishments. Especially forearm, it is the simplest part to be tattooed because it can move to all direction. It usually represents the rebirth of a person on the afterlife because they believe that the sun is the guardian of the heavens. If you are not sure, one way to test waters is to get a temporary tattoo made first, and if you are comfortable with the end product, you can get a permanent one made.
Small tattoo design is the most suitable one because it is a beautiful tattoo, mainly for wrist. Other tattoos worn by this gang include the letter M, EME, MM, X3, XIII, 213 and Tres Puntos. The large one is also appropriate tattoo design for your forearm, but the common design you can apply is long tattoo like fox or quote.Flower, star, quote and also animal tattoo design is common forearm tattoo design. The Aryan Brotherhood tattoo or AB is worn by a group of Neo-Nazi white men who have a strong faith in the ideas and beliefs of Hitler.

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