There are many different Aztec tattoo designs that have very specific meanings, so finding the appropriate one for you is important.
A bold eagle head in dark black ink going from the shoulder to the chest makes for a brave looking tattoo design. A big bold black inked Aztec tattoo design on the collar bones that wrap around his neck and shoulders. TweetWhen you think of guys’ tattoos, you often think of something from a video game, a favorite sport or just something bold and cool looking.

The tattoos were often done in honor of an Aztec God traditionally only done during rituals. One of the more popular Aztec tattoo designs is the sun which represents the sun god who is said to be the guardian of heaven. Guys typically get tattoos because they look cool, not too often do guys care about the meaning that could possibly be behind the tattoo.  If it looks cool or awesome, most guys will get it. Another purpose of the Aztec tattoo was to help one another know the difference between the tribes each member belonged to.

The most popular placements for the Aztec tattoo are the wrist, chest and stomach depending on which Aztec god is being represented.

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