A TATTOO IS A FORM OF BODY MODIFICATION, MADE BY INSERTING INDELIBLE INK INTO THE DERMIS LAYER OF THE SKIN TO CHANGE THE PIGMENT. FROM SMALL SOFT THEMES TO LARGE RUGGED DETAILED DESIGNS, MEN LOVE TO SPORT UNIQUE TATTOOS ON THEIR BODY. Although Aztec tattoos are one of the oldest tradition of tattoos but its popularity is always on a rise. In this article you can find a glimpse of what these Aztec tattoos look like and how well these tattoos have blended with modern times and still making its presence felt. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Dragon Tattoos, Jesus Tattoos, Chest Tattoos, and Celtic Tattoos. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
The curvy negative spaces contrast with the richly detailed sun god, in this Aztec back tattoo.
The densely inked design shows a woman wearing a traditional Aztec hat, and a man in an elaborate headdress. The Aztec sun god motif is surrounded by ornate double borders, in this enormous back tattoo design.
The skull wearing an elaborate headdress made of feathers, symbolizes the undying spirit of the Aztec warrior. A squarish motif is placed at an angle over another squarish motif, in this decorative Aztec tattoo.
The fully armored Aztec warrior with an eagle over his head, is a symbol of intense courage. All the ornamental aztec tattoos are very cute and looks awesome the tattoo design looks very cool.
Afterlife Aztec Art tattoo is just great outcome of creativity and it looks very cool with that skull design. WOW all these ornamental aztec tattoo are simply amazing and nice and the Aztec Motif Red Patterns tattoo is my favorite one from these tattoo collection. En la tradicion de tatuajes de gangsters chicanos y pandillas latinas, las mujeres ocupan un lugar destacado.
Las mujeres gangsters o cholas forman parte de la pandilla, ya sea como parejas de los cholos o como guerreras. El estilo de tattoos de chicas gangsters representan uno de los motivos mas extendidos en los tatuajes de pandillas: la dualidad.

En otras ocasiones las mujeres se ven como objetos, por lo que los tattoos de mujeres atractivas se exhiben como elementos de poder y simbolos de status. Guillermo Carandini (Barcelona, 1984) es un autor de comic conocido por su novela grafica "El dia de la victoria". FOR MANY, IT IS ONE WAY TO DISPLAY RESPECT FOR OTHERS, AN IMPORTANT REMINDER THAT SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN.
MASSIVE CHEST PIECES, SLEEVES OR A FULL BODY PIECE, TATTOOS SHOW THEIR DETERMINATION TO UNDERGO NERVE-RACKING PAIN TO GET THEIR ULTIMATE DESIGN. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The Aztecs had a well-developed tattoo art tradition, featuring their deep spiritual beliefs and cultural practices. Most designs are inked using a carved effect, and they look like they will spring to life, any moment.
Es una tradicion de hace muchos anos el llevar tatoos en el cuerpo que representen chicas en diferentes actitudes. Su papel cambia en funcion de la mujer y de la pandilla, pero de una forma u otrasiempre estan ahi.
La dualidad mujer-hombre, chicas dulces pero a la vez peligrosas, la mujer fatal que es capaz de enamorar y matar sin ningun pudor.
El gangster con mas poder tendra la novia mas atractiva, por lo que un tattoo de mujer puede tener este significado. PREFERENCES FOR COLOR OF THIS DESIGN MAY DEPEND ON THE MEANING THE PERSON HAVING THIS MIGHT WANT TO CONVEY. SINCE THEY OFTEN FALL SHORT OF WORDS WHILE EXPRESSING THEIR TRUE FEELINGS, TATTOOS BECOME A GREAT WAY FOR MEN TO SHOW HOW THEY FEEL. If you like tattoos then you can explore our fashion gallery where you will find a huge collection of different tattoo designs and styles. The detailed images and symbols used in the designs, make Aztec tattoos popular in modern times.

From the powerful Aztec sun-god, to serpent gods, to the Aztec warrior, the designs feature various themes. Las cholas es el nombre con el que se conoce a las mujeres que siguen el estilo chicano, que llevan actitud gangster y forman parte de la pandilla. Llevarlas tatuadas en el cuerpo a veces representa un homenaje a su papel en las pandillas.
Otras veces aparecen vestidas como cholas, siguiendo el estilo de vestir chicano y los codigos esteticos de los gangster latinos. Los tattoos de mujeres estan muy extendidos en el mundo de los gangsters mexicanos o chicanos, y siempre ocupan un lugar especial en sus inmensos murales. While a simple tattoo may feature a single element such as a godhead, in more elaborate tattoos, a godhead may be surrounded by decorative frames. El tatuaje de mujer a veces representar a las princesas aztecas, que tienen una simbologia importante dentro de los tattoos de gangsters mexicanos. En los tatoos de maras se dan mucho los dibujos de mujeres teniendo relaciones sexuales con monstruos o diablos. EVEN THE HUMAN FIGURES AND FLOWERS IN THE TATTOOS WILL HAVE AN ELEMENT OF SOME MYSTERIOUS AND UNLEASHED STRENGTH.
Otras veces las mujeres que los pandilleros llevan tatuadas representan a las mujeres importantes de su vida: madres, hermanas o novias.
De alguna manera representan lo atractivo y lujurioso de la maldad, la union que existe entre el sexo y la violencia, ademas del poder. Depending on the size of the design, an Aztec symbol can be inked on the arm, the leg, or the back. Full back tattoos often feature a stunning view of the many creatures and gods of the Aztecs.
Los prisioneros suelen tatuarse mujeres teniendo sexo o tattoos de chicas desnudas, para representar de alguna manera lo mucho que anoran el contacto con el sexo opuesto.

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