Not to forget, Simon, but so that other people ask and know that someone important was once here.
I lost baby Arefa at 26 weeks due to eclampsia, I generally do not like tattoo’s but then i am thinking of getting one for her,because I do not want to forget that experience. Having something permanent, that is always with you and is tangible that you can touch and see is a bandaid over a jagged wound. I don’t have stretch marks I was too early for an ultrasound, I have no proof I was pregnant.

Memory tattoos are beautiful I have one for my friend I lost and I’m getting one for my baby I just lost.
Everyone has the right to mourn and heal in their own way and this is a way for some to remember their little angels. You don’t forget but the tattoo is there so you can look and remember, it also serves as a way to speak about your baby.
People ask me what my tattoo is for and it gives me a chance to talk about him, to make sure he isn’t forgotten and know that he was a person and is and always will be important.

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