A video posted on YouTube Saturday shows what appears to be the baby’s mother holding the baby while a tattoo artist gives the crying infant a tattoo. Dos Lives has reached out to the YouTube account holder, who posted the video and did not immediately receive a response. Sanders is managing editor and is responsible for our day-to-day coverage and team members.
The only way I’d ever tattoo a baby is if I had Sextuplets and I’d have to tattoo a small number on the side of a foot of each one to tell the who was who! None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. For starters, you get an insanely creepy tattoo of a baby’s skeleton on your stomach.
Maybe this tattoo is just a really misguided attempt to get attention away from that birth mark. Wtf, ummmm can you people get a life – i found this website by pure chance of looking up funny photos? The mom and tattoo artist speak Spanish, but it’s not clear where the video was shot.
She no longer has to sit at bars and hope that one of the guys in the room is crazy enough to appreciate her collection of baby rattles found within 50 yards crime scenes. As a Catholic I may be one sided in MY opinion, but I couldn’t give to shits either way.

Sure, it may seem creepy to a few people but, like many have already stated, we know nothing when it comes to the woman’s reasons for getting it. It doesn’t promote abortion, murder, anarchy, or any of the other ridiculous conclusions you people are so foolishly coming to. Maybe they live in a wired country where they mark the kids to identify them like in Africa, or maybe not considering the guy in white had an American Aeropostale shirt on.
How do you let suitors know that you enjoy getting pregnant and then filming the abortion for your followers on YouTube? Anthropologists probably love this tattoo because it finally answers the long debated question of whether or not crazy people wear a lot of belly-shirts.
Now she can just walk into a bar, spin around in a circle a couple times with her stomach exposed, and gauge the overall feeling of the room based on how many beer bottles hit her in the face. Maybe she did lose her child, maybe she has one on the way and this was a representation of the ultrasound, or maybe she came up with a creative concept for a tattoo.
If you’re a jock and you meet another jock, you can safely assume that you both enjoy having sex surrounded by mirrors. If she lost a baby, that’s really too bad, believe me I know, but I WOULD NOT get a skeleton of a baby tatted on me.
I have no idea how this would promote abortion because its just showing the world what a tiny LIFE looks like during gestation which is the most beautiful thing ever. Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves and I think this is creative and unique.

I’m not saying tattoos are right or that this one is right , but damn what a NASTY sad mind you people have. Children look towards adults for protection and guidance, this is a form of abuse and these people should be ashamed of what they have done to that poor baby. And if people think everyone else should have the same taste as them they’re ignorant. I landed on this site because i thought i was going to read a story behind the chubby newborn on the top picture and instead the blogger just called that baby girl a fat THING. If everyone had to run their tattoo ideas by you for approval the world would be a sad boring place. Everything about that video is wrong and I hope that baby is in better hands than the ones who did this!!!
God bless that child and I sincerely hope his parents realize how wrong they were to do that and spend the rest of their lives making that baby’s life better in every way!!
I would never in a million years do anything like that to my children and I hope every other mother out there has the common sense and human decency to know how wrong that is and I would really pray to God that if anyone saw something like that happening they would speak out and do something to prevent such an atrocity!!

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