Here is a list of all the best places and great ideas to get attractive looking tattoos for women.
The list is also made accordingly to the pain level, starting from the least to the most painful place for tattoo. Check it out to see what is my personal number 10 placements to get you the most elegant tattoo ever. Not all placements suits the same type of tattoo, so choose it wisely according to design you want to have.
If you are not pain tolerant you should not choose to make tattoo on the spine, no matter how sexy spine tattoo looks like. Inner Wrist Tattoo placement is on a high top of best places for tattoos for women over last years.

Inner arm and Inner Bicep Tattoo are almost iconic now thanks to many celebrities that recently are choosing this part of the body over any other to have their tattoos inked. If you think that Back Shoulder Tattoo is the right for you, there is enough space for something bigger and more complex.
It can be absolutely invisible, just for you, or you can proudly present it during summer months.
Good news is that it can be easily hidden under t-shirt or even,depends on the design, some sleeveless t-shirts.
The script look amazing written either along the spine or across it on your lower neck part. Not very painful, easy to hide (with bracelets or watch), relatively fast to heal and very elegant.

Bad news is that on the shoulder there is not much cushion for the needle so be sure it is going to hurt.
For sure it will make you have brand new appreciation for people who ink their foot – yes, it is that painful. Neck Tattoo places give a lot of opportunity to choose various design providing a lot of space.

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