These temporary tattoos are made with medically approved decal paper and each last about a day. To remove the temporary body decal, with your nail, lift one corner off the skin, and remove as if you are removing a bandage. Barcode tattoos are an unconventional form of body art whose popularity is rising steadily during recent times. Remove the adhesive backing (clear acetate side), apply the temporary body decal to your skin, and press firmly for 20 seconds.
If you are looking for a tattoo design that aptly symbolizes your individuality, just opt for a nice barcode tattoo.

The barcodes are designed using Code 128 style encryption, so that every tattoo can be scanned. When the paper is thoroughly wet, you will be able to see the QR Code image through the decal paper, and remove the release liner. Barcodes are used in every consumer products to represent certain important data regarding a particular product. Each pack comes with all nine (9) phrases: SLAVE, HUMAN, PRODUCT, TATTOO, FOR SALE, SCAN ME, PROPERTY, BUY ME, CONSUMER. As a barcode is closely associated with an individual product, people prefer sporting them as an expression of their true individuality.

Some people also believe that barcode tattoos symbolize a person’s stand against corporate manufacturers and corporate greed that is so prevalent nowadays. A barcode tattoo can also have a religious connotation, and can be used to express the “Mark of the Beast” that is spoken about in the biblical revelations. Barcodes also have an artistic value, as portraying the thickness of the lines as well as the space between them requires precision and mastery of skilled designing.

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