SponsorMYLES NELSON McKENZIE DESIGN - Residential design for remodels, custom homes thru out the County of Orange. QualityCabinets helps transform living spaces into spaces you’ll love, with cabinetry solutions that add long-lasting value and bring utility, comfort and beauty to a home. Several depths of wall, base and vanity cabinets in a wide variety of sizes, wood species, door styles and color combinations at an incredible value.
More than 40 years experience with products that combine value with real creative solutions that are built to last. Five-Year Limited Warranty on Quality Series and Designer Series cabinets, as well as a One-Year Limited Warranty on Woodstar® Series cabinets.
Certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) and meets or exceeds industry standards for construction and performance. If there are many people living in your household, especially if there are young children, you may put double bathroom vanities.
Once you have renovated your bath with modern touch, perhaps this will be your time to go shopping and look for modern bathroom vanities. In homes for GenY to Boomers, loft space to Universal Design, QualityCabinets provides beautiful solutions that stand the test of time. That will give you more space for storage of towels and toiletries and also that will allow you to keep everything in the bathroom better organized. The basin may be fixed on the wall with brackets which does not require vanities for installation.

But nowadays the more fashionable design allows you to make your own choice and match vanities and sinks of different materials. Although most of modern vanities come with floating design, you should buy the one that suit to your space. Rich in wood and featuring elegant and simple shapes, the new additions are guaranteed to win the hearts of customers worldwide. Manufactured in the USA by Masco Cabinetry, QualityCabinets delivers design solutions that work – in big spaces and small. Bathroom vanities occupy a large area of the bathroom and are of great importance for the comfort and good look of the room.
If your bathroom is in modern style, the most appropriate vanities will be made of glass, nickel or chrome. Wall sinks are very convenient because they save a lot of space and also they give minimalist look of the entire bathroom. That gives you a lot of choice and opportunity to realize your own ideas and vision of style.
If you want to buy vanity with double sinks, make sure that your bath has an ample size around 60 inches. If you have an antique or classic bathroom your bathroom vanities would look nice if they are made of marble or granite. If you are now on this, here is the guidance that will help you to select the one suiting to your space.

On contrast, if you are about buying single sink vanity, then the bath should give at least 24 inches wide. There are some vanities with under mount sinks (mounted bellow) while others are vessel sink (above the counter). They can be complimented by the vanity in order to create a functional bathroom experience. But in this case probably you will not have enough space for placing some other elements like trashcan, or leaving an empty space for cleaning. If you want to add more artistic style into your bathroom you can choose bathroom vanities in two contrasting colors – white and black for example. Another idea for artistic and modern style is to put a single sink on top of a black sculpture type base. In this way you will have the opportunity to gather all bathroom elements inside the vanities.

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