One of the best aspects of bear tattoos is that the bear can be used to convey two separate meanings. Traditionally, bear tattoos are rendered in a realistic fashion – the tattoo artist takes great care to use proper shading and detailing techniques to make depictions of this animal look as real as possible. Not all bear tattoos are rendered realistically, though – modern tattoos sometimes depict the bear in a soft, almost cartoonish fashion. Bears have deep symbolic values among tribal people, often representing spirituality and the indomitable natural forces. The traditional bear tattoos are generally characterized by their colorful appearance which helps the wearer make a bold style statement. Most bear tattoo designs are considered to have a masculine appearance with the following collection containing some attractive bear tattoo ideas for men. Black bear tattoos stand for great strength tempered with wisdom, resembling the basic nature of the animal they are based on. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. In some tattoo designs, the bear is depicted as docile and kind, or as fierce and powerful. This is particularly true with Native American inspired bear tattoos, in which the bear symbolizes a great protector of the world.
They are sometimes shown as part of a forest scene, or depicted at the edge of a river or stream.
Some are even shown chasing butterflies, or seated alongside flowers, hearts, or other “soft” images.
It is important for the wearer to consider the meaning he or she wants the tattoo to convey, and work with an experienced tattoo artist to create a meaningful work of body art. In some cultures, bears are believed to symbolize evil and cruelty while in others it is associated with reformation and regeneration. In Bible’s Old Testament it symbolizes cruelty and evil influence and represented King of Persia.

This does not mean that the wearer has to choose one meaning over the other – these meanings can be used in conjunction to express the duality of the self, of nature, or of life itself.
A bear tattoo can stand for strength, protection, courage, bravery and a connection with the nature. Lately Tribal Bear Tattoo artworks have come into fashion among men and women of all age group. Bears not only boast of their large bodies but they also have huge claws that can tear the enemy apart. There are different types of bears in the world but the polar bear, black bear and grizzly bear are the major examples. To make things easy we have compiled here few of the most attractive Tribal Bear Tattoo designs. Each of these bears have different habits and patterns hence you might need to consider the deeper meaning of a bear image before putting it on your body. However, the most common characteristic in all bears is that they hibernate in caves and dens during the months of winter hence they’re very special animals that you might want to have their image inked on your body.Bear Tattoo MeaningA typical bear tattoo represents a person’s desire for freedom and strength while at the same time, it can paint a picture of a personality that’s dangerous and fearless. When viewed from a different angle, a bear can be seen as a gentle and noble creature, which only turns fierce when it feels endangered.
Bears are known for being fiercely protective of their space and young ones and so a bear tattoo can symbolize your protection and confidence to fight for what is yours. In addition, a bear tattoo can be a symbol of self-reflection derived from the animal’s characteristic of hibernating in caves for at least 100 days a year. So when weighing the symbolic value of the bear tattoo you want on your body, there’s need to study all these aspects so as to choose a design that will directly match your desired meaning.What Are The Best Bear Tattoo Designs In The Market?
A bear’s image is fascinating but you can always add some elements to make it appear more visually attractive. Bear tattoo designs largely vary depending on the meaning you want to put a across and the visual appeal. For instance, putting on a fierce image of a bear tattoo can portray strength and brevity while a soft image can symbolize motherhood and care.The choice is yours to make with regard to the type of design to go for but if you’re looking for an entirely different look, then you can as well try the cartoon version of bear tattoos.

Moreover, you are always free to choose between a 2-Dimensional bear image and a 3D image depending on how realistic you want the tattoo to appear.
If you don’t have any idea of the kind of bear tattoo to draw on your body, then be sure to visit a reputable tattooist near you and take a look at the available designs.Which Part Of The Body Is Best Suited For A Bear Tattoo?Bear tattoo designs are one of the best animal tattoos that are suitable for both men and women.
While it represents power and supremacy in men, an image of a bear can be associated with affection and care among women.
The meanings are not confined to that context, so you can be free to put on a tattoo design with the very unique meaning you want to portray. Now, a bear tattoo can placed on any part of the body so long as it remains meaningful and attractive.For men, the most ideal areas to place a bear tattoo can be the arm, upper sleeve of the arm, the chest and the back. Bear tattoos in women might look great on the upper back, the arm, the wrist and the thighs. You might need want to consider the size and additions included in your desired tattoo so as to figure out the appropriate location to put it on the body. If you’re a working person, be sure to put it in an area where you can easily flash it and at the same time hide it with clothing when going to work.Are Bear Tattoos Expensive To Draw?After exploring all the bear tattoo designs and identified a unique design to go for, the most worrying factor might be the cost of drawing the tattoo on your body.
But you don’t have to worry anymore because just like other types of animal tattoos, the price will largely depend on the design and size of the tattoo you go for. A standard sized bear tattoo on the wrist, for instance, will cost less while a 3D tattoo covering the entire back will be highly priced because of the huge amount of work needed and detailing required. But all the same, you can always compare among reputable tattooists in town to identify one that provides the service at a reasonably lower cost.Click an image below to see the entire gallery.

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