One of the best aspects of bear tattoos is that the bear can be used to convey two separate meanings. Traditionally, bear tattoos are rendered in a realistic fashion – the tattoo artist takes great care to use proper shading and detailing techniques to make depictions of this animal look as real as possible. Not all bear tattoos are rendered realistically, though – modern tattoos sometimes depict the bear in a soft, almost cartoonish fashion. Bears have deep symbolic values among tribal people, often representing spirituality and the indomitable natural forces.
The traditional bear tattoos are generally characterized by their colorful appearance which helps the wearer make a bold style statement. Most bear tattoo designs are considered to have a masculine appearance with the following collection containing some attractive bear tattoo ideas for men. Black bear tattoos stand for great strength tempered with wisdom, resembling the basic nature of the animal they are based on.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Check out the wide array of bear tattoo designs presented in this site that are notable for their realistic and alluring look. If you are looking for cute and sweet tattoo ideas Teddy Bear Tattoos can be a great choice. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Girl Shoulder Tattoos, Girl Back Tattoos, Sleeve Tattoos For Girls and Motorcycle Tattoos. This small brown teddy bear tattoo is just for those very personal times when all you want is something kind and comforting. The bold black outlines give a happy feel to this smiling delicately designed teddy bear tattoo in black. This woman has inked a soft and furry teddy bear with a halo on her upper arm to honor the memory of her mother. The foot tattoo shows an unusual looking teddy bear with round black eyes, an upturned heart nose, and a yellow gift ribbon. Sports is all about taking challenges and risking bad falls, as this injured sporty teddy bear blue tattoo seems to be saying. The tiny ink strokes that have gone into this furry realistic looking green-eyed teddy bear tattoo makes it feel completely alive. Two little teddy bears sit happily inside a giant red rose in this mushy and colorful tattoo celebrating romantic love and friendship. Shiny red bows around the neck of this soft teddy bear in yellow makes it look like one adorable gift package.

With a noose around its neck this small teddy bear seems to have given up nearly on life, though not quite. This is a sinister look at a teddy bear showing its parts all wounded and put in place with safety pins. If you love sports you can easily get a leg tattoo showing this small blue sporty teddy bear wearing a red cap. This artistic teddy bear tattoo is inked with sharp and curby lines with a touch of red to look like fire around the mouth. The large round ears look a lot like saucers above the head of this cute teddy bear with one eye. This mushy and perfectly detailed teddy bear rose tattoo is just the right way to celebrate your love for someone special. Blue is the color of this pretty teddy bear’s heart as it sits among blue stripes with colorful balloons flying overhead.
Wounded and sad, yet this teddy bear tattoo is beautiful as it celebrates the awesome time of being pregnant. This beautiful little teddy bear in purple sits holding a red heart to give to someone special in a love theme tattoo design. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
In some tattoo designs, the bear is depicted as docile and kind, or as fierce and powerful. This is particularly true with Native American inspired bear tattoos, in which the bear symbolizes a great protector of the world. They are sometimes shown as part of a forest scene, or depicted at the edge of a river or stream. Some are even shown chasing butterflies, or seated alongside flowers, hearts, or other “soft” images.
It is important for the wearer to consider the meaning he or she wants the tattoo to convey, and work with an experienced tattoo artist to create a meaningful work of body art. In some cultures, bears are believed to symbolize evil and cruelty while in others it is associated with reformation and regeneration.
These tattoos not only look dynamic and awe-inspiring but carry deep symbolic meanings as well. Hugging one to sleep can be a great comfort for people who love holding on to something when they sleep.
Having a tiny bear with a cute expression and round ears inked on a part of your body can give you warm and fuzzy feelings, especially when you’re feeling down.

See how the highlights shine in the eyes while the blue sky shades the background of the design. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
This does not mean that the wearer has to choose one meaning over the other – these meanings can be used in conjunction to express the duality of the self, of nature, or of life itself. A bear tattoo can stand for strength, protection, courage, bravery and a connection with the nature. The bear has been traditionally considered as an important animal in many cultures around the world. The Native American tribes such as the Pueblo people and the Sioux Indians used to believe that the bear has many magical powers, such as those of the wind. Teddy bears also find their way into the world of tattoo artists for whom all the beautiful things become a part of creative designs.
Cute and colorful, fun and radiating happiness teddy bear tattoo designs bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees such a tattoo. Bears are also linked with persistence, courage, observation, invulnerability, protection, nurturance, confidence, earth and creativity. You can also have two teddy bears within a red rose as your tattoo design to show your special bonding of love and friendship with your partner.
Bear tattoos vary greatly in their styles, designs and color patterns as there are numerous types of bear species in the world, such as the polar bear, the grizzly bear and the Kodiak bear.
If you have been wounded in the past and are now giving yourself tender loving care an old and shabby but perfectly sweet teddy with patches all over the fur can express your bright new look at the world.
Bear tattoos can be used to express the qualities of gentleness and nobleness as well as the contradictory traits of fierceness.
The Germans and Celts have traditionally associated the bear symbol with bravery and warfare. These tattoos can be worn in various ways, such as bear claw tattoos, tribal bear claw tattoos, Celtic bear claw tattoos, the panda, the koala bear, the grizzly bear as well as the calm and watchful bear.

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