There are a lot of various free fonts all over the web, but it could be quite challenging to find one that gives off a natural vibe.
Brush script fonts remains to be one of the hottest and most sought after typefaces by designers, especially those in the packaging and logo design. The first 12 entries are the free ones so feel free to collect them and use them in your non-commercial projects. So without much further ado, here are 25 good-looking free (and premium) hand drawn brush script fonts that you can use for your projects.  As usual, we hope that we are able to help you find free but quality design resources or at least inspire you with this gallery.
If you did not find the brush script fonts that you are looking from the selection above, then the following fonts could be the answer to your needs.
This is physical product + you will receive backup copy with digital downloadable ZIP file immediately after purchase.

In this showcase we have put together 20 free script handwritten fonts for any of your needs, be it a wedding invitation, preview images for a blog, to creative business card designs. Using  a nice brush script font can instantly add interest and creativity to your design because of their natural hand written look. These brush script fonts are not free, however but they all look professional and worth purchasing to achieve better looking designs. Brush script fonts also give designs a more personalized feel and thus, better communicate with your target audience or market. In fact you might have already seen some of these fonts being used for logos and packaging designs since they easily make designs interesting creative.
Thus, to help you look for high quality brush script fonts that you can use in your projects, here are our roundup of what we believe are very useful typefaces that could let you achieve the style and look that you want for your designs.

However, there are times when using free fonts can be limiting as we all know that the better looking and higher-quality fonts are the ones that are not free (although this could not be the case all the time!).
So, we decided to also gather the premium commercial fonts that are very attractive yet reasonably priced. If you are getting some amounts from your client or if your client is willing to pay for a license for a certain font, then using one of these could help you get better results.

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