Using artistically designed letters in a tattoo is one of the most popular forms of the art. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Mexican Mafia Tattoos, Mexican Skull Tattoos, Black Widow Tattoos and Black Tattoos. There is something attractive about a pair of tattoos that equate love and life in such artistic fonts.
This woman is proud of her life tattoo that expresses her ability to enjoy life and make it enjoyable for others. Love and life are two sides of the same coin and this is artistically expressed in this life tattoo.
Acceptance of the bad days is a great message for a life tattoo because time always heals wounds.
The classic lettering of this life tattoo gives it a very smart and attention seeking look.
This life tattoo expresses how short life is that you do not have time to enjoy all the pleasures of this world. The stylish letters of these twin life tattoos look lovely while they express a cool sentiment. Designed in the tribal style this life tattoo looks classy and bold making it a sure attention grabber. The words live and life merge into one when read laterally but read them upside down and you see the true meaning. This life tattoo has been designed in very artistic font and looks classy despite its apparent simplicity. The letters of this life tattoo have fantastic shading and beautifully designed lines worth copying. An ambigram where the words life and death can be read from different directions is a superlative life tattoo.
The keyboard, notes and the message in this life tattoo is enough to show the wearer is a lover of music. The words life and death designed so artistically in an ambigram make a lovely life tattoo. The wearer of this highly artistic life tattoo is obviously a music lover because he equates it with life itself. The wearer of this life tattoo definitely enjoys life to the full and proudly displays his life’s philosophy. The lovely font and shading makes this simple lettered life tattoo look very smart and trendy. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
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When it comes to Tattoo Quotes For Girls places to get the quote tattooed on you depends on how long the quote is.
This stunning design with a rich blue space and stars comes with a meaningful quote about the power of love. What better way to celebrate a new beginning than with a quote tattoo that celebrates new beginnings and the passing of the old? This is a bold tattoo about living life with courage running right across a beautiful upper back. Check out this beautiful old style quote tattoo with meaningful patterns of flying birds, feathers, and a cross inked in rich black on the upper back. Styled in an ornate font in black this meaningful two sentences quote fits well on the lower arm. Check out this amazing tattoo about living life free inked right on the lower back in simple and bold black lettering. The double lettering style in an elegant font along with the red rose adds to the beauty of this foot tattoo.

Inked right across the two lower arms this tattoo split in two parts runs in small and clear black letters. This shoulder tattoo about loving commitment is inked in black with a design of flying birds in a blue sky. The side of the body is perfect for this long and meaningful quote tattoo in black about living with hope and without fear.
The inner wrists are great places to get inked with quote tattoos combined with delicate floral designs. Split in halves this tattoo across the two thighs stuns you with its deep meaning and courageous acceptance of life. Here is a beautiful quote tattoo about love framed in a simple heart with a touch of red on the shoulder.
The search for meaning in life and one’s personal journey comes out through this powerful Biblical quote running down from the back of the neck along the spine.
He walks with me, says this meaningful tattoo about God’s love inked very suitably on the side of the foot. Pretty little blue birds and branches with flowers sit beside this hopeful quote tattoo on the arm. Just in four simple words this powerful quote tattoo on the upper arm tells you all about life. This quote about living without worry and being happy runs in a happy smiling curve across a pretty foot. With an artistic wind-swept tree inked alongside this quote tattoo in black about courageous living looks amazing on the woman’s shoulder. This long and meaningful tattoo about the wonder of life finds a suitable place on the side of the body.
This quote celebrates the awesome mystery of life with stunning purple stars in a tattoo design. Designed in arty black cursive letters this quote tattoo arching across a pretty foot is just right for a wildcat girl. Three simple words about the power of the heart sit inked in elegant small letters below this woman’s collar bone.
Written in Latin in a classy old style font this is a meaningful quote tattoo for a girl’s upper back.
The four simple words of deep meaning sit perfectly inked in black small lettering near the shoulder. A simple horse motif gets framed by two lines about life and death above and below in this elegant upper back tattoo design. Shaded in artistic strokes and rich colors this beautiful compass design is complete with a quote about being lost and found.
Styled in newspaper style regular letting in bold black this is a darkly meaningful quote tattoo for a girl who’s survived.
A bleeding heart is the perfect motif to sit below this quote tattoo about love and death on the side of the body.
The small hand modern lettering in black goes well with this meaningful quote tattoo on the upper back. Love like crazy, thus goes the wording of a powerful three words love quote right below the shoulder.
The flat side of the foot makes for a great place for this simple three word tattoo quote about the heart. Designed in stylish ink drip style lettering in bold black this is a powerful tattoo on the side of the body.
This long quote tattoo about the past, present, and future is split over four lines in this tattoo quote design. Wrist tattoos for girls are quite popular among teenage girls because they can express their style and creativity, while also keeping in-vogue with fashion.
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Little black bunny sitting over inner wrist, dreaming of love as shown by pink hearts above its head. Treble clef and bass clef on wrists for those who want to dedicate a tattoo to their love for tattoo.
If you are crazy about colors and painting, get a color tray tattooed for a cool style statement.
I was just wondering if I got my best friends name (which is Teresa) tattooed on my inner wrist with like peace signs with headphones in would look cool…. I’m trying to think of a small wrist tattoos to have with my uncles name incorporated into it as he passed away a couple of years ago.and I was extremely close to him, I want something pretty and sort of elegant, if you get what I Mean, and just woundered if anyone had any ideas ? Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Imagine your favorite quotes fading on your body as you go through the seasons of your life.
If it is a very short quote of about four or five words you can get it inked somewhere that it is easily seen, such as your inner wrist, leg, or upper arm.
Here’s a classic tattoo about the beauty of life celebrated in three simple words on the lower arm. I know it sounds pretty lame, but Teresa and I have been best friends for the longest times and I want her to know how much I care for her. Men and women both have pursued it extensively and a lot of them have shown remarkable results.
It portrays the glorious image of a dancing peacock with some beautiful and enormous feathers covering his back.
It contains the various characters of the Hindu mythology, the powerful “Om” symbol of Hinduism, the Gods and Goddesses, the sages, monsters and other advanced mythical characters that played a very important role in old Hindu texts and verses. Also, using just black ink to different colors of the rainbow and more is a great trend today. Earlier tattoos were meant to protect us from evil influences and diseases but these days these are more used as an adornment. A variety of flowers of your choice or maybe one particular flower along with several other patterns can be used to bring life to your tattoo. To show it to the whole wide world you can get your favorite meaningful quote inked on the back of your neck running down your spine. However it does take a lot of patience and courage to ink it since tattoo for the entire body can be pretty time consuming.
Letters are used to express different emotions, philosophy, knowledge, etc through tattoos. Living one’s life to the full, accepting the bad days as well as the good ones, making something of your life, etc are some of the lovely messages that are expressed through these tattoos. Girls have plenty of choices when it comes to tattoo quotes, and the themes may range from surviving, to love, to freedom, to passionate desire, etc… Tattoo quotes are words that shape you as you go through life. You can also get a quote inked on a private part of your body, such as the lower back, or the area above the waistline. The large area near the shoulder blades is a great place for horizontal tattoo quote designs. Full body tattoos have hundreds of designs to choose from, although only a selected few of them have managed to make it to our top list. Another popular place to get inked is on the side of your body going all the way down to the top of your waist or even down on your thigh.
You can also add a small motif like a red heart, or colorful designs that bring more depth and meaning to your beautiful quote tattoo.

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