Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures of Various Tattoos These photographs were taken at Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal and the results were from the Astanza Trinity Laser.These laser tattoo removal before and after pictures affirm that Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal can completely remove professional tattoos using the Astanza Laser. Although the decision to purchase a tattoo, at the moment, may have seemed like a good idea, many people do not feel the same way after a few years and often choose laser treatments to remove that unwanted tattoo. Not all tattoos are created equal and not all laser tattoo removal providers have technology that can remove all ink colors. Keep in mind that if the tattoo requiring removal is large, the CLS Professional may not do the procedure all at once, but in stages because of the bodies inability to eliminate the quantity of laser shattered ink . Not all laser tattoo removal procedures are the same so it is important to discuss every issue with the CLS prior to the first removal procedure. This laser tattoo removal procedure is not only fairly painless, but the recovery time tends to be quicker.
National health statistics state that at least half of the population in the United States change their minds about owning a tattoo at some point later. Complete removal is not quick but usually can be done in about three to six months of one session per month. Some patients also notice that the entire tattoo seems to ‘crust’ over, then flake off in a couple of weeks. The laser tattoo removal before and after pictures shown here are of real people with real results. Though it does take multiple visits for complete removal, the fact remains that the Astanza Trinity laser works with such precision that the ink is completely gone and no one knows that it was once there. Laser tattoo removal is a big step that should not be taken lightly, so a few decisions should be made prior to starting the journey to remove a tattoo.
The amount of time it took to remove these tattoos varied based on a number of individual factors.
In general, we are able to completely remove or nearly completely remove the majority of tattoos, leaving the skin perfectly in tact as if the tattoo were never there. When researching the process of removing a tattoo, in addition to wanting to see laser tattoo removal before and after pictures, many people want to know what to expect in terms of the cost of tattoo removal.
For as many reasons as people get tattoos, there are the same number of reasons why people want them removed.
The lasers we use are effective on all those colors, taking into consideration the factors mentioned in the previous question. You may experience some temporary reddening and crusting of the treated area and there may be some lightening or darkening of the skin for several months afterwards. At times, in order to save money or in the interest of convenience, some look to alternative methods of tattoo removal.
Many centers promote laser tattoo removal, but dona€™t have a physician-directed program and treatments are often performed by unlicensed staff. Some of these centers often only have access to one laser machine, meaning treatments are not customized and there is more risk for scarring. If you have any questions or concerns about our tattoo removal treatments or would like information on what payment options are available to you, give our office a call - 239-561-3376.
We offer a full range of dermatology and skin care services to ensure your skin is healthy and beautiful.
We specialize in treating conditions, such as: acne and acne scarring, eczema, skin & nail fungus, melasma & sunspots, psoriasis, rosacea, skin cancer, warts, age spots, vitiligo.
Just added are pictures of current patients that are in the process of getting there tattoos removed.
Tattoo removal is a common procedure with many options to consider, but the most important decision is choosing the clinic and the experienced and technically skilled CLS professional who will actually perform the removal and then administer post operative and followup care.

Since tattoo removal is a medical procedure one should make certain that the laser clinic under consideration has a good reputation, a professional appearance, knowledgeable staff and a licensed medical doctor as its director. It works by directing a focused beam of light toward the ink that is just under the skin, which then breaks up the pigment into smaller pieces that can be absorbed by the body.
The current process is highly effective and when one weighs the costs (including the emotional woe) of having a repulsive and unwanted tattoo versus the cost of the laser removal; most agree that it is worth the investment. After a laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattooed site will generally have an elevated, red or white discolored appearance. Recovery time is minimal and post-operative care consisting of ice packs and over-the-counter pain control medication is usually all that is necessary. These tattoo removal before and after images show how the return of skin tone and color to the site occurs following the procedure. Choosing the right Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) to take care of the tattoo removal, followed by diligent proper care of the site afterward will make for a successful positive experience as you remove the tattoo. No need to over pay somewhere else when you can receive the best laser tattoo removal services at the lowest price! To get an idea of how many treatments it might take to remove your tattoo, we recommend visiting our page on tattoo removal pricing. In some circumstances the laser tattoo removal process may leave a slight amount of ink that cannot be removed, but usually this ink is not easily visible unless the skin is very closely examined. TATTOFF we back our treatments with our guarantee (available with every package purchase) in which if you complete the number of treatments that we recommend for complete removal and your tattoo ink is still visible then we will continue to treat you for free following the last treatment you paid for to ensure that you are as ink free as possible.
Nearly all colors can be effectively removed in as little as 3 to 4 sessions or in as many as 9 to 11 depending on the method by which the tattoo was placed, the types of dyes used, and the length of time the tattoo has been present. We have two different types of Nd:YAG laser systems as well as an Alexandrite laser system.
It is important to remember that the ultimate result will depend on many factors such as the type of dye or ink used, how old the tattoo is, location, skin type and if there is any scarring from previous removal attempts. Between visits, avoid scrubbing the area and you may want to cover it lightly with a bandage. Machines sold online for home use are ineffective and often cause more issues than they resolve.A Patients can receive severe burns that can leave long lasting scars.
The number of treatments required will depend on several factors, including the tattoo size and colours used. Other laser tattoo removal providers cannot remove blue and green ink unless they have a ruby laser.
Most removal specialists suggest treating the area lightly with an antibiotic ointment covered with a bandaged during the healing process. These laser tattoo removal before and after photos tell the tale of successful treatment resulting in happy ink-free recipients. While results may differ from patient to patient, we can remove most tattoos in their entirety.
Tattoff clinic performing around 10,000 treatments every year, and each treatment documented with a tattoo removal before and after photo, our clinicians and patients see the journey from full density ink to ink-free. TATTOFF, our prices are very affordable with rates per treatment starting at only $98 per visit. On the other hand if you tattoo is removed in less treatments than you’ve already paid for then we will refund the value of any unused treatments. Thanks to specialized, laser technology, we can safely fade your tattoos so there is little or no trace left. Our different laser systems allow us to customize treatment to meet the individual needs of each patient.

Contact our office for a consultation so can give you more detailed information on what you will need. The Astanza Trinity laser system is three lasers in one which removes all ink colors including blues and greens. We have many patients who are only getting parts of their tattoos removed, or who are getting just a few treatments of laser tattoo lightening before they get a brand new cover up tattoo. We can apply the same technology to remove birthmarks and other undesired skin pigmentation. Unlike other techniques, laser tattoo removal treats without causing purpura, and the risk of scarring or changes in skin texture is greatly reduced. The proper matching of the type of laser as well as the parameters and technique to a particular person’s tattoo and the individual colors within their tattoo is critical to obtaining optimal results while minimizing the risk of side effects. You may notice this type of color variation in some of the tattoo removal before and after photos on this site. This is typically also the most cost effective way to remove your tattoo.There are many variables in tattoos.
Another important fact to keep in mind when looking at before and after pictures is that tattoo removal procedures do not remove preexisting scars. So if your tattoo artist had a heavy hand and scarred your skin when putting on the tattoo, we may be able to remove all the ink but our lasers are not designed to remove the scar underneath. Many of these are created using India ink which is usually one of the easiest types of tattoos to remove.
Recipients * Additional Information Book your Laser Treatments now!Booking your treatmentTo book a laser treatment please click the Make A Booking tab left and complete the online form, providing your details or those of the person hosting the session if booking a party. Once submitted we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking.Request a call backAlternatively you can have us call you back at a time of your choosing by clicking the Request A Call Back tab and completing the online form. Having a selection of different tattoo removal lasers and light energy devices typically allows the best removal options and also commonly it allows removal in the shortest period of time. We will call you to discuss your requirement.Or you can call us insteadIf you would prefer to call us instead to discuss appointment availability in your area, or if you have any concerns or questions, please call us on FreePhone 0800 328 8837. Some medspas offer only one laser or have a limited menu of devices and also may have limited experience with tattoo removal.
This becomes especially important when dealing with cover-up tattoos where partial lightening with laser is desired before the tattoo is reworked with additional tattooing and this is becoming more popular and more creative in recent years.Despite advances in technology, there remain some types and colors of tattoos that cannot be fully removed. Also skin of color patients may encounter some unique problems in trying to remove certain colors as the lasers may damage the natural background skin color in certain situations.One of the newer technologies is the PicoSure™ laser.
This laser is the first picosecond laser, which means that individual laser pulses are faster than for traditional QS Nd:YAG lasers. The PicoSure™ laser is being used to successfully treat stubborn tattoo pigments such as greens, blues, and purples, and is also typically effective for tattoos that were previously treated but not completely removed. These range from things such as gunpowder tattoos to various pigments from auto accidents or industrial issues. There are also situations with gang related tattoos and we have a special program for these as well which you may inquire about.Many treatment options exist for tattoo removal but lasers have emerged as the dominant method for many reasons not only for efficacy but also due to risks of scarring, keloids and permanent pigment damage from some of the older methods. So seeking expert advice before beginning your tattoo removal treatment is always a good idea.
The new Picosure laser may require as few as half as many visits to achieve similar results as the QS Nd:YAG lasers, but this also varies and we will discuss your tattoo with you during your consultation.

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