There are many ways in which the brilliant Iranian film A Separation (original title is Nader And Simin: A Separation) is fascinating, but one of the most prominent is the way it compels you to analyze your own judgments. As a boy, one of my favorite books was The Black Stallion – of course the climactic race therein is electrifying, but my favorite parts involved Alec and The Black on the island, forming the bond between them that could never be broken. It requires great strength of character to keep your sense of self when it seems everyone in the world is trying to take it from you. For the first several minutes of Meek’s Cutoff, the only sound of significance is that of a loudly flowing river.
Surely I can’t have been the only person who looked at Hugo, with its child protagonist and 3-D effects, and goggled upon seeing Martin Scorsese’s name as its director? Ahna O'Reilly, Allison Janney, Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Lowell, Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood, Jessica Chastain, Mark Blankenship, Mary Steenburgen, Mike Vogel, Norma Desmond, Octavia Spencer, Sarah D.

A Dangerous Method, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale, Mark Blankenship, Michael Fassbender, Sarah D. The best part of waking from a bad dream is, of course, the realization that it’s over.
Cinema, maybe more than any other medium, has the power to speak directly to you, even in a way to validate you, by letting you know that other people out there understand and share such defining things as your worldview, your insecurities, and your contradictions.
In the first five minutes of Drive, a thrilling car chase is preceded by a long, lingering close-up of Ryan Gosling’s face. Archer, Beau Bridges, Extra Hot Great, George Clooney, Judy Greer, Matthew Lillard, Michael Ontkean, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Robert Forster, Sarah D. John Ramos is an independent film producer, member of the Producers Guild Of America, and writer.

The film features many such prolonged shots, and fortunately, Gosling’s face is more than equal to them. He likes TV, film, and tennis, and plenty of other things that he doesn’t write about. And I love seeing movies that push the artistry of the medium to places you wouldn’t have imagined it could go. He also produced a documentary about online privacy and data mining called Terms And Conditions May Apply.

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